Sabah & Sarawak to be relocated

KUALA LUMPUR — In an effort to strengthen national unity and in line with the 1Malaysia concept, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak announced today that the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak would be moved to the peninsula.

BEFORE: Sabah and Sarawak in their current location

Speaking at a Press conference after a Cabinet meeting, Najib said that the relocation was necessary to ensure that the nation’s different peoples would not have any more physical boundaries to mix around.

“We’ve had the vast South China Sea separating the two Malaysias for the longest time now,” said the Prime Minister excitedly. “It’s time to close the gap, and allow our different races, tribes and cultures to naturally immerse with one another.”

The relocation plan is scheduled to start next year, with reclamation works commencing in May.

AFTER: The new, unified '1Malaysia' Malaysia

“It’s a big project, costing well over RM850 trillion,” said Najib. “The project would take 10 years to complete, since we’d need to move all the soil, water sources, flora, fauna, man-made structures and of course, the people. But it’ll be worth it, since we’ll truly be 1Malaysia.”

The two huge states, spanning nearly 200,000 square kilometres, are now part of the greater Borneo island together with Brunei Darussalam and the part of Indonesia called Kalimantan, but would be joined with the eastern side of Peninsular Malaysia.

“The states would be reconstructed almost exactly identical to how they are now,” said Najib. “This would ensure that the natives would not feel ‘out of place’ when they move back to their relocated homes.

“Of course, we might ‘improve’ some things when we rebuild the states. We’re thinking, maybe Mount Kinabalu could be higher than Everest. I mean, why not? It’s not every day that you get to change what nature has given us.

“And if we take the soil from inside Gua Niah and use it to add on Mount Kinabalu’s height, we’d get both a bigger cave and taller mountain, effectively rewriting two Guinness World Records. Now that’s what I call value for money!”

Asked what the neighbouring Brunei and Indonesia had to say about the move, Najib said that he had discussed the issues with the leaders of both nations.

“His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei did ask me why we were taking Sabah and Sarawak away, leaving his kingdom just a group of tiny islands in the middle of the South China Sea. The Indonesian president also voiced his concern,” said the PM.

“However, I told them that we all need to ‘hijrah’ to better ourselves, and that neighbours move away all the time. And I also reassured them that although we may be physically further after this, we would always be close in our hearts. They were very understanding.

“Besides, after this, there’d be no more issue of illegal smuggling across the borders and such.”

On protests by the Kelantan state government, citing the ‘loss of a coastline’ and ‘off-shore petroleum’, Najib said that this is of national interest, and the opposition-held state administration should not be so selfish.

“These people simply refuse to understand the importance of 1Malaysia. They keep on looking a the small things like the death of their fishing industry or the loss of billions of ringgit of income.

“Serves the Kelantanese people right for voting in such small-minded leaders.”


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175 responses to “Sabah & Sarawak to be relocated

  1. Tadpole

    Why don’t move peninsular to our side? 🙂

  2. Iskandar

    Hilarious….will the larger peninsula still be called “Tanah Melayu”?…considering that the Borneo states make up a bigger land mass.

  3. talkcock

    if najib can do this then i will stick my tongue down my throat.

  4. tsunami unleashed

    This idiot is very cheeky. First he tried to teased the mongolian and she end-up dead. Now she tried to shift sabah and sarawak to adjoin penis sula. What did he think he is? Stupid?
    On a lighter side.. let laugh out loud…hahahahahahaha

  5. Fletcher Soo

    What a rubbish for this century. Another white elephant project for what? What we need is better and quality life , more space for breathing and religious freedom and human rights. I think PM have gone biserk with this stupid and wastage suggestion. 2012 comes the world will be flooded and we are all together already.

  6. LuxusVane

    only retarded will believe this… talk about cheap publicity 4 a forum

  7. lol!
    if only mahathir had thought of this idea back when he was still the official prime minister! he would surely have done it his way – relocate & carve out those 2 states such that the entire newly reconstructed 1malaysia form a figure resembling his face/the shape of his head, complete with hooked(crooked?) nose ala zunar’s cartoon depiction! lmao!

    -average joe-

  8. Immortal Ghost

    Ha Ha Ha! Hee Hee Hee! Ho Ho Ho!

  9. Janice

    wtf!!! RM850 trillion of rakyat’s hard earned $$$ goes down the drain just to serve this so-called “1Msia”…why not use the money to fund a better transportation & communication system in East Msia??? or build more low cost houses for the poor rakyat? or improves the lifestyle of the Penans?

    and wait till you see to whom or to which particular individual that this reclamation project goes to….

    • Idris

      Better use these trillions of RM to improve the institutions of learning, give our scholarships to the poor based on merit, build more technical colleges to develop skills of students who are not so academically-inclined ie for skills upgrading so these people can find a job, build better hospitals and look at ways to improve the public healthcare systems, improve the roads and upgrade the computer systems of public offices. Basically, use the money to stimulate the econony and build it, enhance it, grow it for the properity of the Rakyat.

      This moronic PM comes up with idea to siphon off the Rakyat’s money. He should do a feasibility study first. To me, this is gonna be a useless project.

      Bodoh punya orang.

      Bertaubatlah Najib. Insyallah.

    • kid

      im with you Jan…..what a stupid idea!!!RM850 trilion?!man its sure a lot of $$$. i love sabah & sarawak the way it is…lame idea on PM head.Shame on U..!!! dont u dare touch S&S land!!!

    • *sigh* I see another idiot who believes a crap. I feel sorry for my ‘idiotic’ fellow Bolehlanders who hastily concluded “this is crazy/stupid” when reading the above ‘news’ without actually looking at the whole picture…

      Learning English makes them lose their sense of humor, perhaps?

  10. Sure, why not?

    Since the USA have New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey
    and New Everything, we should have New Sabah and New Sarawak.

  11. Thomas

    Why don’t we ask Najab to move to Sarawak. I think he should be given “Joker of the year awards”.

  12. yong

    F Unmo thinking !!! Why don’t u sit on your own flag staff!!!!

  13. Philip Chong

    ?? Is he bath with whisky lately??

  14. Pretty hilarious. Agreed – peninsular should be relocated closer to Borneo Island – so that no need to built billion ringgit submarine power transmission from Bakun and the other soon to build 12 more dams

  15. samsaimon

    You think Najib will be around to witness these?
    He’s ‘dead and buried or jailed’ within this ten years !!!

    You don’t think so? wanna bet?

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    We are dooooooooooom!!!!!!!!!

    More than RM850 trillion. The whole petronas saving plus the future oil will be wipe clean. All Malaysian will hutang more than a million each. Malaysia will start negotiating with the undevelop countries to send cheap labourers. If that is what is called 1 Malaysia, semua rakyat will DIE.

  18. Peakof Insanity

    Now we do know that the government is out of money AND ideas. They are really wankers! We are heading to be the next Dubai.


    We are dooooooooooom!!!!!!!!!
    A new ~ SHIH HUANG TI emperor type of thinking.
    More than RM850 trillion. The whole petronas saving plus the country`s saving& the future oil which is still buried will be wipe clean. All Malaysian will hutang more than a million each. Malaysia will start negotiating with the undeveloped countries to send cheap labourers. If that is what is called 1 Malaysia, semua rakyat will DIE.
    Many cooks spoilt the soup, in the case you need one c……….. guy ,lacking something up there and the country is doom.

  20. stupid

    come on la. i think this news is pure fiction. only fools will believe it. but it is a good laugh though.

  21. Our leaders are acclaimed for Talking COCK’s…, it wash down since the Fourth PM.

  22. Steve

    Don’t try to spread any lies my friend, it is sinful you know? Any proof for your writing?

  23. The people of Sabah and Sarawak will never allow this to happen.

    • roxy

      Right. Tell me it’s a joke.

    • BS

      I have just made the announcement to the BSKL that the contract for this realignment has been given to my company, BS-SambalBS Sdn Bhd.

      We will be making a reverse take over of a PN4 public listed company. The agreement with the Government of M’sia will be injected into this PN4 company. MARC has rated my soon to be issued CLO a AAA+ paper given the explicit g’tee from the Treasury of the GoM.

      My team of scientists from UKM, UPM, UCM, and APEC U, USM have come together with a working hypothesis.

      In order to reduce noise level from our neighboring states, we will barge over a couple of the Antartic Icebergs so that there will be enough water for S’pore, as well as offer an ice resort (like in the James Bond movie) for rich Asean leaders and Malaysian Civil Servants and politicians to holiday.

      We are calling this the Projek Cucu Karakatua. Both Iran and North Korea have agreed to supply us with Nuclear weapons that will be drilled into the ocean. The resulting explosions will physically move Sabah & Sarawak into Peninsular Malaysia.

      What is not clear in the above diagram is that a new sea-way will be brought about between Southern Thailand and northern Peninsular Malaysia. This will eradicate any need for building a crooked bridge between JB & S’pore.

      The future is bright, the economic spin off’s will include have a very large footprint covering Indonesia (who will supply the bulk of the labor), and Philippines who will supply the maids and medical support personnel.

      An unfortunate side effect of this project will be the possible multiple tsunamis generated by the nuclear explosions as well as an-ice age caused by the dust raised by the nuclear explosions. The other issue of concern is that low lying areas around the world could end up being flooded.

      Nevertheless this gargantuan project will surpass Dubai World.

      We will be launching a contest shortly to find a name for the new Project Co. The winner will get a new Perdana as incentive.

  24. jasdeep

    Will never happen u cant do something madness like this its will spoil out climate flora fauna n the source of energy they we we have..
    NAJIB getting mad..

    come on grow up old man..

  25. nose4news

    If you believed the blog post, the following statement is for you. Yes, you.


    For the love of God and everything that is holy.


    The states of Sabah and Sarawak are, and will continue, to be safely attached to the Borneo island.

    Our PM, love him or hate him, does not intend to move 200,000 sq km of land mass across the South China Sea.

    For cryin’ out loud. THINK.

    Didn’t anyone teach you folks in school to read the instructions before you take an exam? Or to look at the whole picture before making up your minds?

    Or at least, to think of how RIDICULOUS it is to MOVE TWO WHOLE FUCKING STATES? And REBUILD THEM?

    And RM850 TRILLION?? Have you EVER heard of anyone spending THAT much for ANYTHING?

    For crap’s sake, just look at the freaking HUGE banner at the top of the page. The fine print. The ooh-so-cryptic qualifiers. TRUE LIES. ABSOLUTE HORSECRAP.

    Take your fucking anger somewhere else, genius. This blog’s for folk with a developed sense of humour. Not hypersensitive people out to find fault in every single thing they see or hear.

    Sheesh. Laugh a little, would ya?

    -Hassan Skodeng-

  26. ANTI-ISA

    why not give every malaysian 1Million instead. That will create the biggest world record of having a country with every citizens being a millionaire.

  27. Brokenheart

    Our PM suddenly became God when he talks like this.If God said it I beleive because God can do all the IMPOSSIBLE which humanly think is impossible,for example an earthquake or tsunami can change landscape.So I do not know what God or gods our PM pray to that made him think and want to act like God.If this idea comes then those gods can be very dangerous and we have seen that with the ** incident.We better pray hard for the mind of our PM to stay in good shape.

  28. Utterly hilarious suggestion from a madman hounted by the XXXXXXX ghost.The ‘dragon’ manning Kinabalu will swallow will swallow you in no time.

  29. This news is teasing Jibbya and his one monglasia concept.Where on the earth such things like this can happen.Moving a nature land.Bullshit.

    Look up guys.Its written THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE and NOT IN HERE.Its also written true lies,total horsecrap, fiction and all.

    Haa haaa haaa.

  30. retard

    this is simply not feasible because the maintenance just to keep the two new land masses from disappearing due to poor shoddy workmanship would cost 400 quadrillion a year.

  31. minyak

    Great news , Najib left all the oil OFFSHORE Sabah and Sarawak for me , the last Sarawakian in Borneo.

  32. Observer

    A mediocrity hitherto; now a thick head clearly disorientated – even so, he’s not letting go delusions of grandeur. Will somebody please help him find his equilibrium to restore his sanity. Obviously he can’t see … the lights are on but nobody’s home.

    • mish.wsl

      I really hope that you realise this is FAKE. Please READ CAREFULLY before you start pointing fingers. The RIDICULOUSNESS of moving two whole landsmasses IS IMPOSSIBLE in the first place.

      Lastly, grow some brains and a sense of humour. Malaysia is seriously lacking in these departments.

  33. jerry

    Creativity & thinking out of the box makes him the greatest joker of the year 2009;inssyah Allah this will make him *siah thai* very soon;his conscience is playing tricks on his thinking,making it a danger and petrifying one and all!

  34. wanker

    I would thought all of this would be a joke. Big of a C*** Clap from down under for our PM. Bodoh nyer PM kecik kecik tanak mampos dah beso menyusahkan rakyat.

  35. Rina

    You forgot about the Kementerian Kesihatan advice to our men not to get surgery but to be self-reliant by using stones to lengthen their dicks, starting with small stones and then graduating to a brick. There was a word of caution, however — to use moderation and not stress their thing too much. Next week, the Kementerian will issue advice on how to do your own brain operation (this is because So Lek is not there anymore). Malaysia Boleh!

  36. roxy

    This is a joke. Right?

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  38. Sam

    So sad. So few seem to get it. So abvious that so many reader have NO sense of with so low IQ to be unable to differentiate truth from fiction.! So much for the INTERNET masses.

  39. Toh Woon Lee

    I’m still trying to figure out how the fuck are they going to
    do it. It’s just beyond any body’s imagination.
    You mean to say that the Govt is going to rebuild all the structures for all the Sabah & Sarawak residents.
    I have only one word for it – MADNESS.

  40. malaysianparent

    Is this for real? LOL

  41. nose4news – Good one! And your post kinda also inadvertently flushed out so many retards…

  42. nose4news – good piece 🙂 i think it proves one thing though – that a lot of blog readers have no sense of humour. Heh! 🙂

  43. NB

    Interesting photoshop map of 1 Msia and good imagination. Brunei ‘island’ seems bit lonely, but should be happy to get the remaining oil and new coastlines, maybe some decent beaches finally. Good 1. Haha.

  44. This is stupid news. For Sarawak and Sabah citizen, we have to sound out and tell them don’t make a joke with our land. They just wanted to let Indonesia know that the land is belong to Malaysia.
    Even though we know is impossible for them to move our lands away to combine with west but we cannot let them take our pure land away to combine with the west malaysia. Is a Ridiculous news. lmao.. And what they say again *We’re thinking, maybe Mount Kinabalu could be higher than Everest. I mean, why not? It’s not every day that you get to change what nature has given us.

    “And if we take the soil from inside Gua Niah and use it to add on Mount Kinabalu’s height, we’d get both a bigger cave and taller mountain, effectively rewriting two Guinness World Records. Now that’s what I call value for money.*

    This sentences really make me laugh lor.They are going to build Mount Kinabalu with our Gua Niah. What a joke. Why don they move West Malaysia to East Malaysia.

  45. most of all, what made me laugh was some clowns would believe such thing can happen. kahkahkahkahkahkah…….

  46. Asni

    Come on la readers, get a life. Read the banner 1st …. “The Truth Is Not in Here”. Only thing proven is how anyone with corrupt agenda (not the writer …. u guys rock) can easily incite hate towards the current gomen n pm. Not to say that i’m a hardcore gomen supporter, but, think for a secondla b4 u guys leave comments, we know some of us really can’t wait to change the current gomen. It just shows how naive n hateful u guys are. I mean, is it even a slightest possibility 4 the project to even get beyond the 1st base. Sheesh …. how simple minded m’sians can be. Hate can be blinding.

  47. z

    Can’t belive some ppl actually think this article is true! fiction..lah… A great laugh! hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. That was hilarious!!

    p/s : Blame the low level of humour and intelligence on our education system which does not make anyone to think, the greatest tool ever known to mankind.

  49. bob

    “We’re thinking, maybe Mount Kinabalu could be higher than Everest. I mean, why not? It’s not every day that you get to change what nature has given us.” <— dis statement actually came out of the person whos incharge of dis country…waoo

  50. detikindah

    hahahahah this is a revolutionary idea!!

  51. fareast

    great piece…

    keep up the good work (sense of humor) !!

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  53. jv

    haha.. naisssss 1 !!! epic!

  54. paxter

    lol funny article…

    if you look at it from the side it looks like a bird flapping his wings in a nest…

    seriously malaysians u that gullible is it till this also can think is real….

  55. fish

    this is by far the best crap ever…… hahaha 8salutes*

  56. Small Chief

    As if the article isn’t funny enough, then came comments from the sugar-high, caffeine-loaded, sleep-deprived Najib-bashers.

    On top of that, this fake news makes it on Malaysia Today! So now we know what type of “news” they put on Malaysia Today.

  57. astagaaaaaa… kamurang ini… Nampak itu Banner blog pun tau it’s a joke suda bah. Saya baca kamurang punya comment ada yg serious brabis ni. Kamu lar yg kasih ketawa saya sampai sakit perut.

    gosh… it’s a joke. Look at the banner, the banner tells everything about this blog. Those who leave serious comment really give me a good hard laugh. Thank y’all it’s been a while I didnt have a good laugh.

    • monesh

      yeahh…i dun understand how come sum people dun understand this joke and think it is for real…cmon our leaders are not that stupid!

  58. Yuu

    Just another jalan of pinching rakyat’s money. My malay brothers,where will you guys be when Malaysia dried up? Wake up, these “ketuanan Melayu” is sucking Rakyat Malaysia blood.

  59. sengwai

    you just keeping getting better, skodeng!

  60. cytan

    ha ha ha … stupid ideal, better bring the money to safe the earth … inilah cipta bentuk ALLAH biarkanlah dia berada di sana … : ) buat kerja bukan-bukan

  61. monesh

    hahahaht his is relly funyy…but im surprised to see sum people really believeing this stiryy and further more commenting on the loss of money and such…wakakka the comments from such people made it even more funnier…hahahahha

  62. *laughs*

    You sir, are damn good. Hats off to you. Love the picture of the united ‘1Malaysia.’

  63. fahmee

    come on.. u want us to believe this shit??

    u guys nk tipu siape ni??

    even najib is not so stupid to actually come out with this idea..

    if this is really true.. it will be world news!!

    the kelantan goverment would make a big fuss out of this if this is true.. pembangkang kn mmg nk sebab untuk lemah kn keyakinan rakyat terhadap kerajaan BN skrng ni..

    so please la.. dun make a fool out of us, the malaysian people!! dun make a fool of the world!!

    i’ll pray god smite you for this insult!!

    • Oliver

      Dang, just got smited. Thank you fahmee and ‘god’. Shites. Takpe, selepas ni saya takkan membiarkan keyakinan saya terhadap kerajaan kita skrnggnf ni dinodai oleh kumpulan berbastardasi sebiji mcm hassan skodeng ni. Kemaluan saya semakin membesar terhadap blogger cibai ni. Di mana tuan Rais Y. apabila kewibawaan dan kesilaturahimahakuasaasaktinya diperlukan? Babi punye in tenet!!

  64. D'

    No keropok lekor for terengganu nemore hahaahah~

  65. halfey

    haiya people! this is only a joke maa why you take it so seriously? even a retarded people oso know this is a joke. haiya…

    korang ni orang buat lawak pon tak reti ke? tak tau aku nak kata bangang ke hapa…

  66. Uncle Reid

    i wonder what were you smoking when you did this. thanks for the good laugh! love the post!

  67. hong

    how cleverer can these people be?..all of you know what to do in the next election right?before the destruction of natural history commence,lets save what god has to offer than to run down our historical Niah..

    RM850 trillion?how will the lives of all malaysian be like if it is to be spent on health,education,green technology and a fresh change of government while retaining historical landmarks..

    thumbs up for najib!our pm seems to get cleverer down the line..from english to malay language,now from kinabalu to everest..clap clap..bravo najib!

    • halfey

      bolo ka! itu tipu saja la… itu pun mau pecaya ka haiya… mana lu punya otak aa? cakap orang putih saja pandai tapi tidak guna otak?

  68. awesome

    I like it when u put the name NAJIB… this case all our tax money will be half into somebody’s pocket.. it’s that great?!after 10 years the project will be on hold.hahahaha

  69. Mariwana


    i want the same stuff you smoked while posting this.. god damn this hillarious! hahaha!

  70. ROFLMAO!! XD
    Very nice edit on the map, by the way!

  71. skirata

    good one. 😀

    and i can’t see why people are taking this seriously…
    earth takes countless years to shape what is now we have and you expect us to ‘easily’ moving the land in 10 years?

    otherwise, good idea for the 1Malaysia concept.
    hats off to you, sir…

  72. kitak

    Nice one bro….’ve been waiting for your new “article” for quite sometime and Wham! came this nice peice of shit…. and i start laughing again…. keep them flow……. i need this kind of shit to neutralize all those “real” newspapers’ article..
    :-)) :-))

  73. adelz

    i think it’s a good humour.

    just a shame of those who took this a lil too seriously…. i mean, come on… even IF malaysia have the capacity and the $$$ to do such thing… geographically is impossible.

    doesnt take a primary kid to even tell you that.

  74. gdavid

    This made my day, seriously! 100x LOL!

  75. BAF


    Those who actually believe in this story deserved to be slapped… It is so out-of-this-world and yet still got ppl got conned… Aiyoh… Really men’siasui’kan… …
    Read the first paragraph and one with slight sense of logic would know it’s written as a joke..

  76. sokong

    lol. U just made my day.
    I luv to see that happen.
    And 850 trillion?? rofl
    Nice post indeed >.<

  77. Fundamentalist

    What a piece of crap….

  78. Lyn

    May I ask what is wrong with Sabah and Sarawak being there? I mean, that’s what nature has given us, we don’t need to use that much money to move the two states, give up a coast that already brings in plenty of ‘duit’ for tourism, and then having to relocate everybody? What is Sarawak and Sabah going to do in the meantime when the move takes place? Halt all activity? Is he nuts?

  79. Cinta laura

    sot alredy….

  80. Redd

    sarcasm is wasted on the stupid. :roll eyes:

    good article tho! keep up the good work.

  81. Aaroink

    THIS IS SO DARN FUNNY!!! HAHAHA!!! I especially loved the part to combine Mt K and Gua Niah!!!

    (I wonder why are some people taking this post so seriously. Why so serious? =)

  82. wakeup

    u all moron or never go school ? this is a FAKE story and only god can shape the earth. y so stupiddd one .

    pls go back to school and study. MORON SS

  83. sparoil

    Gosh, can’t believe so many ppl believe.. really pathetic. NO wonder BN still ruling until now..

  84. mas

    malaysians oh malaysians… this is a satire… a joke in story form …

  85. damn

    Nice make up “news”, just a joke bros dun ever spread around like it’s a true news, pls read the blog’s banner “true lies. total horsecrap…”

    it’s f impress and damn for those who spread around telling it’s real, damn it how could you believe it and shaking mother of earth telling everyone like it’s so serious and fking angry with it?

  86. clare

    This is hilarious! I mean the comments!! ppl actually believe this??? ITS LIKE TOTAL HORSE CRAP… LOLS!!!!! funny!!!

  87. =O WTF???? He probably left his brain at home???

  88. mel

    laughed at some of those comments posted here…its a joke for chrissake…no need to be so serious….

  89. Sadness

    This is rediculous..
    This Njib talk is Najis talk! Another trick to scare people & making news or rumor to bring his popularity. His sense of “humor” rated number 1!! All bullshit.. Why not use that Trillion RM to develop east M’sia since east M’sia never be cared properly, only suck out all the resources from and now wanted to suck the land as well, are you thinking of this is LEGO game? Really sad and hope the god judges his sins ASAP. Last, the 1Malaysia wouldn’t success even though east Msia been relocated, outwardly it looks united but the heart of east M’sian also been “relocated” at the same time, Njib you really fxxk out Malaysia

    • nose4news

      Yes, it is absolutely rediculous.

    • halfey

      excuse me but I have to tell you that you are a complete moron for believing such story. Can’t you see the above article is a pure joke? Where is your brain? Wait, just because you can speak English doesn’t mean you know how to use your brain LOL

      • renhe

        first i am not a najib supporter.

        second you are the real NAJIS for being stupid.

        third, you are pathetic. go and find another country to live.

  90. H34dbust

    Saya tak faham kenapalah ada juga orang yang percaya cerita ini.
    This is just a joke. A really GOOD one indeed.
    Saya faham kalau ada sesetengah orang bencikan Najib, tapi untuk mengatakan Najib bodoh berdasarkan artikel ini, pandanglah diri sendiri itu dulu. Sendiri yang bodoh kerana percaya artikel ini.

  91. cayccassendra

    BAHAHAHAHAHA!! good one.

  92. 1black malaysia

    this is disasterous!!!!!……

    why PM who’d do such a think!!???…

  93. CSI

    we will build the longest bridge in this world to link the two states to the mainland, another world record that cannot be beaten ! how about that?

  94. hahahaha..what a grrreat friction.minta kena sumbat mantaku ba PM kita tu..apapun TQ lah yg anggap ini ialah idea BUDU & ambil serius pasal sabah & sarawak….!!korang memang spoting abis ba….

  95. hahahaha…what a great friction,minta kana sumbat mantaku ba PM kita tu..apapun TQ lah kepada sesiapa yang menganggap ini merupakan idea yang BUDU & care about sabah & sarawak..korang memang spoting ba……!

  96. anon


  97. nossleon

    Wow~~ Such a great joke!!!! ahahhaaha~~~

  98. Hey nose4news. I suggest that you remind every person on this website at the end of each article that it is fiction. They can’t see your disclaimer above, which is too small for notice.

    But yea, I do like your humour. I’ve been laughing my ass off about this article, especially when RPK decided to post your article on his website to test Malaysians’ IQ level.

    From all the comments I’ve seen, some Malaysians just can’t differentiate between facts and fiction. And they don’t seem to be reading instructions very well. Also, they lack common sense.

    I hope you can consider my suggestion to remind visitors of your blog that this is purely fiction so that no one would think that every piece of political news is true.

    However, keep up the good humour. I love it.

  99. this is funny serius shit man hahahahahahah.

  100. better join all countries in the world so we can call it 1world..

  101. myname

    this is ridiculous~ and waste a lot of money.. dat RM850 trillion supposedly can be use to built up n enhanced the already sabah n sarawak… more more working sector for poor people n also for graduated student dat still x dpt keja smpi skrg…. wutevr it is.. it realy a waste.. sabah sarawak n peninsula are still 1 malaysia.. yet part by the sea but close to the heart =)

  102. Jayne

    hahaha…. marvelous piece of “crap”~~ absolutely adore it… hats off~~ ^^

    and forgive me to think that, though your work was great, the comments outshone it by a thousand miles…

    btw, like Mr. Ahmad Syafiq mentioned, perhaps a helpful advice of going back to primary could be placed at the end of the article…. if I remember correctly, I read / was taught about formation of earth in primary 4… if not 3….

    so what’s the next project? setting up stalls on moon to sell nasi lemak, teh tarik, and roti canai to the astronauts? ;p

    anyway, keep up with the great work and we look forward to your next “crap”~~ 😀

  103. Nat

    Goodness gracious!! I dont believe this is going to happen. As a Sabahan myself (it’s nice being at the peak of Borneo), I would not think that physical boundaries are a threat to national unity. Look at the world, racial and religious differences are no stranger to us, but of course, we deal to minimze the gaps.

    And plus, if you go to Sabah, I wouldn’t think you can feel the gap as strongly as living in peninsula M’sia. How the people live with each other and ACCEPT THEIR DIFFERENCES, is truly 1Malaysia…

    That amount of money spent for this project is ridiculous…!!! I agree with most of the commentaries subjecting this issue because I believe that there are many more of the unfortunate almost living like the “Noelitics”, in the rural areas, and they deserve the right to live “a comfortable life” because own a MALAYSIAN citizenship, no matter who they are. Perhaps developing their lives would contribute to the development of human capital to result a better future for Malaysia… At least, it gives a reason to the rakyat to have a little faith in the governing party.

    And plus, with 850 trillion to be spent, I don’t know how much would end up in the Swiss bank or perhaps Las Vegas.

    LOL!! 😛

    • halfey

      yea, you don’t have to try to believe it, since there’s nothing to believe about it in the first place. And you know what? Your comment fails for you didn’t get the humor

      • malaysian2010

        pandai sangat lah tu. post ni cuma joke je lah. sengal! tak payah nak cakap pasal truly one malaysia and stuff like that pasal sabah. semua orang tahu memang sabah bagus dari segi tu.
        me myself agreed. tapi malangnya orang sabah sorang ni bajet cam paling bagus lah tu. where is you sense of humor? tertinggal kat gunung kinabalu ke?


    You are made of so much win, my man.

  105. hahaha.fuckin awesome.u’re a genius man.ahahahahaha.ROFL.

  106. Haha Lawak Ah Korang Ni!

    haha bodoh giler sial yang korg boleh percayer blog entry ni…

    NI LAWAK AH!!! humour… a joke!!! gurauan!!

    phm x? understand?? comprendo??? light hearted la sket serious sgt korang ni…. smile… laugh!!! 😀

    raser org yg komen ni sumer byk yg dah keje and educated…… takkan la xleh tangkap kot adoi lembab nye……

    adoi…. you all are more a joke than najib and this joke itself la….


  107. actually tot it was true for a moment coz it was so well written! Hahaha

  108. FUTURE PM

    wtf is this ! 850 trillion my S !
    Dont talk about the money, think of the citizens condition.. Dont you ever think they will get nightmare when sleeping, been torturing for 10yrs, it is like the earth is not safer anymore !
    Can you ensure that no one will die !
    Can you ensure that no building will collapse!
    Can you ensure that ALL THE CITIZENS want this to be happened ?
    Say this is democratic country, do the people have the right to say YES / NO for this project!
    Why dont you run a survey to get permission first !

    MONEY !!
    Our hard earn money !! 10yrs squeezing people money into your ‘pocket’
    We are your citizens not your toys !

    PM ! cant your just think for us, switching your position as a citizen, dont always be on top! you miss out alot of things. Whatever you think is not the ppl need ! Cmon you have to be more mature !
    WHat you spoken, doesnt ever convince the people! WE ARE LIKE LIVING IN HELL SOON ! ” Peepo cross-finger ! we will be tortured soon, enjoy the best for now !

    • bodo bangang cam b***

      wtf man what makes you believe such crap? are you sure you don’t left your brain elsewhere bcos I think there’s nothing inside your head, just a plain empty, brainless ugly skull

      you are the one who should be more mature and not just stupid. It is clearly stated in the header that the so-called ‘news’ in this website are just craps unworthy to believe. Go eat shit elsewhere you idiot bcos your presence here only spoil the fun

      cakap english aja pandai tapi fikiran cam sampah

  109. ha ha ze ze

    this is rather your most memorable post huh nose? haha! your the best 😀

  110. malaysian2010

    the comments seems to be even funnier than the post itself. now i can see HOW STUPID MANY MALAYSIANS ARE. can you see it is just a joke? u should laugh reading those stuff. not all of sudden swearing here and there. where is your sense of humor?? atleast think maturely lah. this cant and will not be done lah… haiyooooo…
    (mind my english, might be full of mistakes)

  111. Dave

    HAhahaha… why not move both to the middle of the south china sea… then malaysia will be one big island… not connected to any1… hehehe… then singapore will really be a small lil island… and so will brunei….

  112. I must say, I had rather an amusing time reading the comments. Bro, your site is superbly created and written well.


  113. aias

    why dont he think of a better way to spend those money instead of coming out with this kind of stupid plan?
    what a big spender..grrr

  114. you’re one hell of a joker!

  115. xiii

    “Empty are their heads. Like the void of space.”

  116. hahaha.. good 1 .. Ubi no more…

  117. coolness

    joke of the decade!!

  118. sarcasm-detector

    hahaha..this is the best thing since, um, since internet was introduced in malaysia.

    the reminder that this is only a joke goes redundant and still people are all flustered and shit. maybe cuz most of us are still to relying on stupid spastic jokes they show on tv. daily.

    hahaha..nose4news, i salute u. this is real wit. i love ur blog. i love ur nonchalant writing style.

    btw im posting a link to ur blog in my fb. lets flush out more stupid idiots.

  119. …to those who believe this… you guys do realize the HEADLINER of this entire blog is “The truth is out there, NOT IN HERE”, right?

    i love this post though, cracked me up. Good one.

  120. Chan

    No way!!!!!!!

    I strongly oppose to this plan. East Malaysia and West Malaysia should remain the same as that’s how to keep the uniqueness of both places! Besides, Sabah and Sarawak are calm states, while West Malaysia are developed and towards to new industrial era.


    • mish.wsl

      I sincerely hope that you realise this is FAKE. Please READ CAREFULLY before you start pointing fingers. The RIDICULOUSNESS of moving two whole landsmasses IS IMPOSSIBLE in the first place.

      Lastly, grow some brains and a sense of humour. Malaysia is seriously lacking in these departments.

  121. Mel

    Damn I love this post!! …If the PM read this, I don’t know whether he’ll laugh at this or he’ll hunt down the author for making fun of his 1Malaysia ideology..but love this post..totally the joke of the decade…

  122. Pingback: Happy 47th birthday, Malaysia!

  123. Misa

    this is stupid…i’m not going anywhere….>:P

  124. firdaus

    banyak orang bodoh kat malaysia ni rupanya. patutla cerita tipu senang tersebar.

    cerita yang nampak sgt tipu pun boleh percaya. apatah lagi cerita fitnah biasa.

    sesiapa yang comment tu, sedar la diri! jika anda bersifat senang percaya, andalah orang yang menjatuhkan negara kerana berita tidak betul.

    dah la bodoh, percaya berita tipu, melenting memberi komen bukan bukan kononya dirinya paling pandai.

  125. CJY

    I enjoyed the comments more than the post. Not that the post is bad, but the stupidity of SOME Malaysians (who should not be calling themselves one) is just too amusing. Very very VERY amusing.

  126. KY

    i like the banner.. seriously… its out there.. not here… ROFLMAO!!

  127. : Sabah adalah milik Malaysia yang sah mengikut undang-undang antarabangsa dan tidak boleh dituntut pihak lain termasuk kumpulan pengganas yang mendakwa tentera Sultan Sulu.

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