Hassan Skodeng

Hassan Skodeng

Editor: Hassan Skodeng

Contributors: Minah Gedik, Amoi Amarah, Dr Techmee Seriously

Nose4news is crap. Specifically, bullcrap. Any 5-year-old would be able to see that everything here’s just horseshit. Pure fiction, and has nothing to do with the dead, alive or anywhere in between. I mean, if you actually believe anything in here as fact (even if the stinking, toxic crap here sound more logical than reality itself), then please: do humanity a favour and just jump off a building. Idiot.

But seriously, folks…

SINCE I’ve been ‘outted’ by the case, I may as well put my real stuff here. This is probably the only ‘real’ part of this whole blog (yes, it’s a blog. Not an official newspaper or a proper source of credible information.) 

1) Yes, I’m a dude. A human being, with a wife and two little kids. The baboon’s just a joke. No, really. My name’s Irwan (nice to meet you finally!)

2) I have a regular day job. I (used to) write for a little KL free paper called The Malay Mail. Circulation 100,000. Home to a bunch of really strange people. I also draw the editorial cartoon every weekday, called Irwantoon. I’m on Facebook and Twitter (@irwanargh), and I have a column every Wednesday in MM called Uncommon Sense. That’s where I write uh.. less fake stuff. Do check it out when you can 🙂

3) This blog’s a form of stress relief, that’s all. I created it when I was working in a training arm of a bank. (Here’s a joke: you know why banks give really good medical benefits? Coz you’d need them! AHAAAhahaha.. ha..hum. Fine, it’s lame.). Nose4news is place where I write crappy jokes. Not to spread hate, fear, distrust or any other negative vibes. I will not entertain hateful or malicious comments — unless they’re really funny. If you enjoy reading my crap, I’m happy, and thank you for your feedback. If you don’t, well, have a nice life and thanks for dropping by!

4) I heart Tenaga Nasional. They make the best electricity in the world.

38 responses to “About

  1. Halimahs Sexay

    Dear Hassan Skodeng,

    You are one handsome man – uh, I meant, baboon. Are you a baboon? I hope you are. I just adore jumping furry things abound with wild jungle energy. By the way, do I spell baboon with an extra ‘b’ or is my spelling correct? I can’t tell. I just know I love red behinds. To bits. It’s so heartfully warm to touch.

    Love, your biggest fan,

    • nose4news

      Thank you. Yes, it’s spelled with one ‘b’.

      And thank you for appreciating my red ass. I like ’em too. They’re rather magenta-like in the morning, with sort of like a dark pink hue, getting redder as the sun rises. Some say at times, my ass reminds them of Washington apples.

  2. kenjzz

    Omigolllyyyy I love you….. you make me laugh. And nothing makes me laugh. And so for that I give you a good pat on your… on your…. on your…. Washington apple.. I, not Halimah Sexay, am your biggest fan.

  3. No,I am your BIGGEST fan.Hahaha!!You are so damn CREATIVE(for a baboon,that is.).I love you and your RED butts.Keep rockin’.

  4. maddy

    holly ‘toot’ this is some ‘toot’ funny ‘toot-toot’
    ( rolling on the floor laughing, hiyah!! hiyah!! prott!!)

  5. lex

    hahaha…good one man..for years I’ve read ‘the onion’ while wishing someone could publish localize articles a-la them…thanx for being a good genie!!(err..baboon?)

  6. afooks

    its like reading politically correct fictional story books! made up stories imposed on real life stories. brilliant! love the funny captions on the images. keep it up!

  7. kosan

    Dear Hassan,

    Good day. I’m one of this web readers.
    You always amaze me with interesting news.

    I’m so sad that there is no latest crap news from nose4news. Would you tell me wat’s wrong?


  8. Ibat

    Just bump into your blog. Very very refreshing indeed. With all the politically and economically illogical things going on here, I say this page is worth more than a million washington apples.

    Please do not disappear because I plan to visit once a day at least.

    Keep on Being brave, be funny!!

  9. Your blog is fantastic.

    People say satire is dead. It’s not dead; it’s alive and living in Putrajaya.

  10. aud

    Red butts rule!

    Good stuff to keep us sane.

  11. LOL this is what parody should be; making fakes sound as closest to facts (or vice versa). Truly “the art of joking”. Don’t stop man, keep ’em coming

  12. sillywag

    “knew Burger King when he was a Prince..” classic..keep it up, please!

  13. Aliciacyy

    Hilarious stuff!! Keep it up man…i hardly read blogs but this i find myself coming back to your blog…

  14. Brandon Armstrong

    Onion News Network rip-off! But still hilariously funny!

  15. Ming

    Hey you know what?
    Your blogpost just make few of my friends and me jump off the building. A bunch of idiots! Haha!! We keep sharing the post in facebook with a lot of rude words and cursing to the TNB!
    That make me one of your fans now!

  16. Malaysia doesn’t need its own parody news site. Our local news is a joke already.

  17. demmm… ur my latest favorite blogger.. loving all baboonshits …its like ur red part glow in the dark …
    keep more shits out n keep glow in the dark..

  18. davidcaruso_foranemmy

    Hassan, Hassan, let me count the ways…..nah that’s a waste of time…but you have now made me an advocate for interspecies love….finally…the monkeys in Parliament and in Putrajaya certainly didn’t help one 2 even think of loving primates.

  19. Dudes,
    Keep the great posts coming. Don’t let Klathoxxx-513 mess with your groove!

  20. Stephanie

    Hi i just came to knwo of you when you got into the news in The Star paper.
    Honestly, i fell in love with your writings when i read the latest few of yr posts. its HILLARIOUS!!
    too bad out People cant understand it.
    Hope you win this case, all the best man!!

  21. Q

    Man, half the comments here has been posted by the blog owner himself. Talk about lame self-promo.

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  23. Dan

    Can i get you guys to write a spoof on this issue? It’s really been a laughing matter amongst the conservationists.. it’s based on this two reports –

    Basically, the whole world was cleaning up the oceans and waterways on 25th sept and what did the clowns from Malaysia do? Throw a bus and a lorry into the ocean. Let’s make a spoof and commend them for what they do….. idiots…

    anyway, there are many malaysians who did help do the clean up around the country, especially bodyshop and reefcheck malaysia..

  24. annoymous

    Any 5-year-old would be able to see that everything here’s just horseshit?

    waiting for another suit for a corporation that are incorporated more than 5 years old since they wouldn’t agree with this.

    SUE your sorry ass, baboon never learns!!!

  25. anonymous

    nice one bro, cant stop laughing…

  26. kingkong

    well done for carrying on with your blog despite the suit. that takes kahunas and i can tell u baboons have them in abundance. runs in the family i’m told. not like the monkeys that run the country. i’m ashamed to call them my cousins. family can be so embarassing at times. bah! u go baboon! *proud chest thumping*

  27. techy

    Please do a post about the current email saga.

  28. I can’t believe I’ve never come across this site! I’ve always believed we needed our own political satire show (and sure enough within days I found out we have That Effing Show in Malaysia) and our own The Onion News and here you are!
    Anyways, point is – have you ever considered taking this further and doing video segments the way The Onion does? (I’m already imagining the possibilities.)

  29. Oliver

    Anyone who can write satire without sounding abrasive, condescending or stupid is a great writer. It’s extremely rare; this is some of the best satire I’ve ever read. I would vote for Mr. Hassan Skodeng.

    Please stop putting disclaimers on your posts, Hassan. If people are stupid enough to take your pseudo-news seriously, please allow them to; it makes for good comedy.

    • nose4news

      As much as I’d like to keep my crap disclaimer-free, I prefer to minimise chances of landing my butt in lockup again due to panicky folks taking it as fact.

      Thanks for the compliments, glad you enjoy my madness 🙂

  30. amin

    finally, world class satire with local flavor. keep up the good work bro.

  31. Harrow! You guys got email?

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