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Critics pan Michael Jackson for cancelling tour

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

LOS ANGELES — Prominent music critics Larry Steinberg and Rosco Marshall lashed out at pop superstar Michael Jackson today for cancelling his highly anticipated global comeback tour, labelling the 50-year-old singer ‘selfish and inconsiderate’ for ‘abandoning his fans’.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Steinberg, in his popular online music review column, steinbergsays.com. “How selfish can a guy be? He’s created so much hype about his coming back, getting everyone so excited and ‘thrilled’, only to pull the plug at the very last minute. Can you imagine the hurt he caused to his hard-core fans?”

Jackson, who rose to stardom with his siblings in the Jackson Five, and later with smash hits Bad, Thriller, Beat It, Man In The Mirror, Black Or White and many others as a solo artiste, was in the midst of a massive global tour, which many billed as his comeback tour after many years of staying out of the radar and focusing on rebuilding his life and reputation damaged by accusations of inappropriate behaviours, accusations which were later proven false. The ‘gloved one’ had today cancelled the tour, his management citing ‘unavoidable circumstances’.

“He shouldn’t have walked away from such a big promise,” said Marshall, contributing showbiz critic for entertainment magazine RockingChair. “When he announced that he was coming back, the whole world welcomed it with open arms. In fact, the whole world had supported his whole career since he was young. Even when some people were crucifying him all these years from his court cases and reports of his weird behaviours, his fans stuck with him.

“And now, his fans feel like being slapped on the face.”

Marshall added that the cost of cancelling the tour would be humongous.

“I can’t even begin to imagine the legal and financial ramafications from this move. The commitments he’s made to event organisers, music labels, broadcasters — all this will further add to his woes.”

However, Steinberg says that the ultimate cost would be from his loyal fans.

“He’s lost a lot of credibility before this. But this — this unapologetic disregard for fans’ feelings — will be the nail in the coffin for his career. I tell you this — the next time he plans another ‘comeback tour’, no one will bother. No one.”


Update: Critics Larry Steinberg and Rosco Marshall were found dead an hour ago, in what police said is a ‘well-deserved homicide’. The popular music critics’ heavily-battered bodies were discovered by a trash collector in one of the garbage bins behind an LA restaurant. Police chief John Ritter refused to comment at length, saying only that “the fucking idiots deserved it”. The coroner has filed their deaths as due to ‘natural causes’.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rest in peace, Your Highness. Thanks for the music, and the memories.

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