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Bkt Selambau: Independent candidate #13 prepares for victory

bukit-selambauSUNGAI PETANI — With only hours to go before voters in three state and parliamentary constituencies make their choice, one of the 15 candidates contesting for the N25 Bukit Selambau state seat has proclaimed ‘pre-victory’.

Candidate #13, who announced his candidacy along with Barisan Nasional’s (BN) S. Ganesan, Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s (PKR) S. Manikumar and 12 other independents, said that he was certain of victory, based on feedback from the ground. Met along his campaign trail, #13 said he was a natural shoo-in for the job, and that this is but a ‘stepping stone for bigger things’ for him.

“I would encourage Ganesan, Manikumar and the rest of the losers to pack up their bags tonight — this constituent is as good as mine,” said #13, smiling confidently as he handed out to passing motorists leaflets bearing the ‘spanner’ icon, the symbol of his candidacy that will appaer on ballot papers on Tuesday. “The spanner has been ‘thrown in the machineries’ of both BN’s and PKR’s campaigns — their hopes are dead.”

The pint-sized, 40-something #13 said that the response he got from the people he’s met while campaigning ‘has been encouraging’ to the point of ‘assured victory’.

“It’s amazing to see how appreciative people are when I tell them that I’m running for their state seat. They break into a broad smile, showing how much they’ve been waiting for someone who’s going to fight for them in the government.

“Some even express their happiness to have me represent them by breaking into a hearty laughter. I feel energised by the support,” said #13, thumping his chest.

Asked what his campaign promise was, #13 said that he brings with him what no party can bring.

“BN promises stability, while PKR promises change,” said #13. “Well, I promise a stable change and changing stability — the best of both worlds, can anyone beat that?”

#13 added that he was not perturbed by the huge campaign machineries — and the immense election budgets — of the two parties vying for the seat vacated when PKR’s V Arumugam quit the seat recently due to ‘personal reasons’.

“Yeah, yeah. They can bring all the big guns from KL down here to rile up the crowds. Fine. They can promise to repair roads, build schools, bridges and even — ehem — ‘donate’ fertilisers and motorbikes. People get pulled by all the circus.

“But can they do this?” #13 asked, as he broke into a dance move that seemed to be a mix of b-boyz headspin and zapin on the five-foot walkway. “The people are smart now. They no longer fall for the usual tricks.

“They’re more well-informed and expect more from their leaders. They’re looking for talent. They need people who know what they want; what they think. I’m that man, and they know it.

#13's Spanner campaign posters overshadowing BN's and PKR's flags

#13's Spanner campaign posters overshadowing BN's and PKR's flags

“Besides, my icon, the spanner, is vastly different from BN’s ‘dacing’ or PKR’s ‘eye’. It denotes ‘work’ — and that’s precisely what I’ll be doing once I get the seat. My posters stand out prominently from the barrage of blue and turqoise flags messing up this fair town, so they are the ones that should be worried.

“Really, it’s best for the political parties to cut their losses and concentrate on the other two seats being contested, Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai.”

Asked what he thought about the other 12 independent candidates vying for the Bukit Selambau state seat, #13 said, “Let’s not even talk about those losers. What jokers.”

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