Justin Bieber KL concert stopped halfway after his voice breaks

A GROWN UP NOW: Bieber performing minutes before his voice changed

Oh I can’t believe I have to do this: NOTE: his piece of ‘news’ is fake. A sick joke. Just like this WHOLE BLOGSITE. Please do NOT belieb– I mean, believe it as true. Thanks.

KUALA LUMPUR — The much anticipated and sold-out concert of uber teeny-bopper Youtube sensation Justin Bieber in Malaysia was unexpectedly cut short after the Canadian singer’s voice finally broke, and he became a man.

Bieber, 17, who was discovered on video-sharing site Youtube in 2008 is known for his high-pitched voice, which betrayed his true age. His songs receive extensive airplay and earning him extraordinary exposure, mostly due to his child-like voice.

“We’re very sorry, especially to all the ‘Beliebers’ out there, and particularly to those who attended the concert, that this had to happen,” said Ng Chong Wan, a representative of the concert organiser SkinnyGirlz Sdn Bhd. “The timing could have been better, of course but really, you can’t help it if mother nature decided to turn you from a little boy into a mature man while you’re on stage, performing in front of 15,000 screaming fans. I mean, this caught us off guard too.”

The blonde-haired heartthrob had gone through about 45 minutes of his two-hour scheduled performance when all of a sudden, in the middle of performing his hit single Somebody To Love, he began coughing lightly before choking for a bit, and continued singing in a deep, almost Darth Vader-like voice, much to the chagrin of the stunned audience. The music stopped as the crowd stood in silence, and Mr Bieber was quietly escorted backstage before organisers announced the end of the concert and ushered the audience out. Teenage girls were crying and wailing uncontrollably.

“It was horrible,” said Sarah Yen, 13, who came with her two sisters and mother to catch her idol. “At first I didn’t believe it, but when they told us that Justin was ‘sick’ and couldn’t continue the show, I felt like dying.

“He’s finally grown up! The moment that we’ve all been dreading all these while, arrived without mercy. Justin is now a man. A grown up! What do I do now?” she asked, in between teary sobs, hugging her visibly upset mother.

“It’s both historic and sad, I guess,” said Henry Yap, 21, who bought two tickets to the concert as a birthday present for his girlfriend. “I’m happy to see that the boy can finally act — and sound — his age, it’s something that all guys are supposed to go through, but I’m kind of sad to see his career as a child star cut short like this. Especially in front of so many people.”

Ng, meanwhile, refused to comment whether this voice cracking meant the end of Bieber’s amazing rise from a small-town Youtube star to an international megastar worth an estimated US$100 million.

“Look, we’re just the organisers, you’ll need to ask his label or his management about that. We’ve got enough to worry about — people are going to ask if we’re going to refund half the money, since Justin only performed half a concert. Understandably we’ll have to refer to our legal people. These are not exactly ordinary circumstances.

“Whatever it is, we’ll continue to support Justin Bieber’s career where ever this ‘new development’ takes him. Acting? We’ll promote him. Modelling? He’s still very cute, although not for long, considering that he’ll be growning more facial hair now that he’s a proper man.

“Even if he’ll have to appeal to a more mature market after this, we’ll be more than happy to bring him back to KL. Even tenors and baritones have fans in Malaysia.”


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30 responses to “Justin Bieber KL concert stopped halfway after his voice breaks

  1. bustin jieber. Hope that will come true

  2. BieberLover

    i think it was a great concert and considering he was SICK.. he still performed amazingly – and i dont think his voice sounded “darth vader like” and i’d say 99% of the fans had an incredible time.

    • nose4news

      Dear Bieberlover,

      Sorry to hear Mr Bieber was sick in Singapore. Hope he gets better.

      However, please note that this piece of ‘news’, in fact this whole site, are fake. Parodies and satires. Kinda like The Onion, my favourite stress-relief site.

      Take it easy, and God Bless.


  3. lizzy

    Bullshit!! Brought my kids there, they had AN AMAZING TIME! it wasn’t as bad as its written up here! What a negative, unprofessional remark… “end of his amazing rise??’ Overboard Mr!! All his fans knew he got ill in S’pore adn yet he didn’t cancel his concert.

    • nose4news

      Dear Lizzy,

      You’re absolutely right. This news is bullshit.

      As stated in the many disclaimers, this whole site is a parody, fake news site, inspired by The Onion.

      Sorry is you’re offended. Take it easy, and have a nice weekend.


  4. he ate too much durian la 😛

  5. lizzy


    It is a sick joke, hope you will have a good weekend too!

  6. Justin bieber is GREATTT ! I wanna seeeeee himm ! Ilovehimmm ! Pls don`t spread rumors on HIM ! FUCKKK THEMMM ! LIAAR !

  7. bieberhater

    Lizzy and Bieberlover obviously did not read the disclaimer before they read about their ****** idol.Its a joke people, a satire…its mentioned here in case u havent noticed. Btw its a good joke nose4news, im still laughing. Keep ’em coming

  8. kingkong

    apparently, for every minute you listen to justin bieber, your brain shrinks in half. so bieber lovers, you have been warned.

  9. Ihatebieberfans

    I think the boy/man(still LOL) has got huge talent. I just can’t stand his fans who just defend him blindly as if he’s their boyfriend. I LOL’ed at how the girls got jealous of Selena Gomez when she came with him.
    Girls, He’s into older women! Get the hint? 😀

  10. gosh, i thought it was true! :p

  11. Mat Don

    Kewl one Bro… let’s hope bieber doesn’t sew u

    P/S: rotflmao

  12. Mat Don

    typo – sue

    P/S: still rotflmao

  13. Faults no Faulty

    You know, a few people actually thought this is the real deal when I posted the link up at FB hahaha

  14. lol at the bieber’s fangirls.. Why so serious?

  15. what’s wrong with the people who read this blog? heheheh

  16. slammy

    I think the kids get the “news”…. the parents seem clueless though.

  17. This is amazing. Actually I can’t believe majority of the people only see the news but not the meaning of this blog.

    Sometimes people are just too gullible. Keep it coming Mr Hassan

  18. I Love Yuhh

    I can’t believe that despite the ridiculous number of warnings on the site, people still believe this… It must be someone out to troll you. Perhaps they telepathically feed on the frustration of the writer. No one could be that stupid in real life.

  19. mott

    better belieb it ppl… the nose knows.


  20. I didn’t know this was a fake news site when I clicked the google link – it took me straight into the article, and the only place it mentions the news is fake (besides the big red warning at the start of the text that seems to have been added in after some of the comments) is a tiny bit of fine print in the banner that I skipped because I wasn’t here to look at a logo, I was here to find a place to cite that his voice cracked during a concert – I believed it was true since it was repeated so often.

    I’m gonna go look around the site, it seems like it should be pretty funny, but to the people that are upset that some people didn’t know this was a fake news site – if you got here by any means besides the site’s homepage – like googling “justin bieber concert cancelled voice breaking” (this page is the first result) – it could be pretty tough to tell.

    • I see your point, but in this day and age it’s the responsibility of the reader to check the reputation of a news source before they telan bulat-bulat right? (that’s “swallow whole” just in case you’re from outside Malaysia/Indonesia) Given that even the mainstream media have been known to indulge in dodgy practises occasionally…I wouldn’t fully accept something I read on a blog without checking their background and leanings and where THEY got their info from.

      So don’t blame Hassan for trying to be funny. Parody is a form of comedy that’s under-exploited in Malaysia, we have so much stupid stuff going on begging to be made fun of, so I’m very happy this blog wasn’t killed off by frivolous lawsuits.

  21. Malcolm

    alamak~ U offended loyal bieber fans out there la~ I ain’t one. But it’s kinda funny that you had to warn(first time I guess?) them that this isn’t true at the topic itself, that kinda spoil the fun! XD

    “Respect” is the word I’d wish to bestow upon you Mr Hassan. keep it coming 😀

  22. Marcella

    I’m not that crazy about Justin Bieber as are some I saw up here. Anyways, I didn’t think some would respond so perplexed about Justin’s voice breaking.
    I mean, this was supposed to happen at any time, wasn’t it? Actually, it had to have happened a long time ago, as it generally goes. Frankly speaking, I’d love to hear him singing with a deeper voice. It would make him not only look but sound manlier… He’s so cute!… In my opinion, that’ just what was missing to make it perfect!

    • Marcella

      Just correcting the last sentence of my comment: ” … In my opinion, that’s just what was missing to make him perfect!”

  23. Mohammad

    Jb is a sexy

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