TRUTH CHRONICLES PART 2: Hassan goes to court

Well, this is as real as it can get. Come Thursday morning, I’ll be charged in court for the ‘offending article’ on TNB and Earth Hour written back in March. Under section 233(1)(a) of the Multimedia and Communications Act 1998, which goes something like “creating and spreading lies with the malicious intent to hurt others”, punishable by imprisonment up to a year and/or fine of RM50K or less.
I’ve got a bunch of very good and intelligent people by my side (yes, including a very nice lawyer), so I’m hoping for the best.
And I’m hoping for cool heads and developed sense of humour to prevail. Oh well. I guess we’ll just see.
Wish me luck.


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89 responses to “TRUTH CHRONICLES PART 2: Hassan goes to court

  1. karl


    may Allah help u sir. what happened to u now reveals the true face behind capitalism.

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  3. C++

    Mmmm…. if you get a “KAYU” judge.. then you might be worried.. but if you get a “WISE” judge… you will be okay…

    By the way… May the FORCE be with you…

  4. matt

    Wishing u all the best sad isn”t it to what level we have come to.

  5. Good luck sir.

    Long live satire!

  6. ishD

    Good luck, Hassan. Let’s hope humour will prevail! In the meanwhile, keep on writing. Those of us with half a brain capable of sorting fact from fiction, and possess humour for the irreverent are huge fans!

    And for what it’s worth, I loved the TNB-WWF article; thought it was a hoot and a half. ;OD

  7. ex-teacher

    So `kayu’ or ‘wise’ judge is based on your self-made criteria? So if you win the judge is wise, but if you lose, the judge is kayu?
    Memang rosak.
    Harap-harap the judge is `kayu’, coz i would like to laugh at the joke.
    Padan muka kau Hassan.

  8. abdulhaleem

    Bro, stay strong. Anyway which court will stage this circus? I would like see the learned gents from MCMC.

  9. This is an indictment against the humorless government and also the gullible minds of Malaysians who can’t tell fact from fiction.

  10. DJ

    It amazes me how someone like you can get charged in court for something so trivial and the Johor headmistress gets let off the hook.
    This is our Tenaga Nasional wastes money lah. Buang current jer, pardon the pun. Do wish them Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka for me yeah? =PP

    Thoughts and prayers are with you!

  11. Powerrrrr to Hassan Skodeng for rocking the Blogosphere!!!

    Care to update me as to your court case? Wanna be there!

    Email me bro!


    • nose4news

      It’s tomorrow morning, PJ Sessions court 1, 8.30am. Join the party!

      • Attended your court case as promised. Gave my views about your case when interviewed by the press and media agencies.

        Am writing about your case in my blog and uploading photos taken this morning and will try to upload videos of Blogger Rocky Bru, Sheih Kickdefella and Big Dog who spoke their piece.

        Esprit de Corps my man…especially when we know you are being victimized by TNB who ignore Namewee’s obvious insults against them but choose to discriminate by coming after you for a bloody SATIRE!!!

  12. All the best there k Hassan.

  13. Klaus

    have the best lawyers around you, and I wish you all the best!
    Anyway I think you’re having excellent writing skills and I love your style and sense of humor.

    To me the whole thing is strange, to me a “lie marked as lie” is fiction, which has the only intention of entertainment. Otherwise J.K. Rowling had to be sued for spreading lies too :-))

  14. yeesang

    Good luck to you. Who knows, I may need it too in the future….

    I think inside 5 days, Pak Lah will tweet you “Don’t worry, you’ll be alright.”

    I can pretty much guess you’ll be alright.

  15. Karen

    That satire you wrote back in March really tickled me. I’m sorry it is causing you trouble now.

    All the best to you. May good sense prevail

  16. Dude, whatever you do, jangan lupa Bismillah. 🙂

    Ohh since it involves TNB, jangan rap dalam court ok. Someone is already doin that. Ok, cheer up, may Allah be with you.

  17. Is this the start of a crackdown Hassan?
    I’m afraid it is lah. I can’t fathom this lack of humour and tolerance over what I see was a very good satirical piece. I used to write satires, taking potshots at Ministers and sports leaders in the Malay Mail. The days are gone, perhaps! Others have written postings in their blogs which can be easily be interpreted as racial slurs with no action taken. Come on lah, gomen…

  18. Bro, Good Luck for tomorrow dan banyak bersabar. The truth will always prevail.

  19. may God bless you and grant enlightenment to those in power to see truth from blunt satire, justice from brute force, and wisdom from mere words.

  20. You have a nice lawyer. And an intelligent one, I’m sure.

    Considering the ridiculous charge, you don’t need him/her. Even a green-horn law graduate can get you off the hook.

    I hope my high regards for our judiciary is not misplaced. (wink, wink)

    Good luck.

  21. Counter sue TNB, or satire is dead 😦

  22. LilPuck

    God be with you.

  23. Nat

    Hope all goes well for you, Hassan…

    Don’t let them kill your spirit – you have done many people a great service by giving them something to smile about in this day and age.

  24. mekyam

    all the very best, hassan!

    sedihkan, TNB sendiri pulak yg perlukan pencerahan?

  25. Leroy Luar

    Good luck sir. Just read the news today and I’m hoping for the best for you. Sucks that we live in a society unable to see the lighter side of things.

  26. yuyue

    Good luck. =)
    Hopefully the judge also have a bit sense of humor.

  27. Good Luck bro… just started to know this blog…but still.. i am wise enough to differentiate between parody n jokes n pun n lies n what not… hurmmm..guess most readers aren’t aware enough of those things when reading right?

  28. megabigBLUR

    Good luck bro!

    I like cthulhu’s suggestion. Too bad we’re not in one of those enlightened countries where the plaintiff who loses a frivolous lawsuit has to pay the defendant’s costs.

  29. Don’t politicize the issue. Don’t mix it with other *capitalism* or *racist headmistress* or whatsoever.
    Bloody Politic Caretaker please leave.

    Again, This issue will be straight as what it gets.

  30. sid

    wish u fair and justice.. some ppl need to be told what is satire, true lies and absolute fiction… LOL!

  31. Goodness Gracious

    Hey, there’s something going on and spreading on twitter to turn off all electricity at 10pm every night until TNB drops charges against you! Let’s give them Earth Hour daily until they learn to lighten up!

  32. Fan of humor

    Lighten up TNB (pun intended).
    totally taken in by your hilarious blog.
    All the best, hassan skodeng!

  33. r0

    goodluck to you bro…
    Funny people will always live happier… People who cant laugh will die earlier too!

  34. Roy

    be strong bro. I’ve just realized you’re my junior. At the mean time, will contact our kawan-kawan for some moral supports. We shall catch-up soon.

    Hook ’em bro…

  35. salam,
    whatever it is be yourself and dont change
    good luck and hope for the best
    All the best

  36. rashidms and i'am 14 years old and i am not a terrorist...

    ………some of the most brilliant satire I have ever read, keep it up bro.

    but…. it should be rated…. some sort of “PG-13” or “R” rated for those readers that need their “parental guidance”……. and need to invent another rating to a group of peoples that refuse to grow up…

  37. Good luck, all the best with the court case.

  38. jonas jodie

    irwan, good luck. hang in there. you have friends behind you!

  39. Pls sign the petition if u support humour! Say No! to the bully

  40. Why So Serious

    Hello Hassan,

    I’m just done with my sahur and would like you to know that I always enjoy reading your blog.

    And like your blog, the whole court case is a joke.

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

  41. jerfisesta

    Wud u believe one of my friends actually thought this TNB satire was real!!! Yes there are dumb ppl out there sigh…Anyways, kep up the good work…look at it positively, now theres more traffic to your site!

  42. MushPop

    I was like soOooO TAKEN by ur Earth Hour post. hahaha…POWEERRRR EXTREMEEE!!!

  43. Teckky

    The only plausible reason for this action is intimidation … and we do see a recent pattern, don’t we 😉 The alternative is tooo scary to contemplate … that all those people in these organisations sat down, thought through it and still decided to take action …

  44. evenu

    I guess the brainy lawyers in TNB are jealous, man. Perhaps … their boss grilled the them for NOT suing as WWF for the Earth Hour. How could a mere blogger come out with a million ringgit suggestion; while the fat cats in TNB sat on their hands, scratching their bottom?

  45. evenu

    On a serious note … you are a rare find, man. This is the first time I’m here, but having quickly gone through the stuff you’ve put together, it’s truly awesome. Really. I’ve always wondered if we could have our own Talkingcock or The Onion, and you sure have what it takes.

  46. DZul

    This is what I emailed to my friends this morning, as soon as I read the story in MSN.

    To: ….
    Sent: Fri, 3 September, 2010 9:14:58

    I have to agree with Lim Guan Eng on this.

    If this matter is taken to court I hope the judge will have enough balls to give those at TNB some good education.

    By Agence France-Presse, Updated: 9/2/2010
    Malaysian blogger faces jail over satirical post
    A Malaysian journalist was charged Thursday over a satirical blog which made fun of the state power firm Tenaga, and faces a year’s jail if convicted.

    State media said that Irwan Abdul Rahman, a 36-year-old sub-editor with a Malay-language daily, pleaded not guilty in the Sessions Court to a charge of posting a fictitious comment.

    It said he was accused of “intent to hurt” over the posting, entitled “TNB to sue WWF over Earth Hour” which jokingly said Tenaga would take action over the World Wildlife Fund’s annual energy-saving initiative.

    In an entry earlier this week, Irwan said on his blog that he was hoping “for cool heads and a developed sense of humour to prevail”.

    He has deleted the offending item, which he said was merely “a stupid joke that does no one harm”.


    and i also said this:

    “If I were Irwan I would sue TNB back for being silly”.

    All the best Irwan. Good luck. I’m on ur side. And I luv reading ur Nose4news

  47. Clarence

    Bring TNB to the satire land.. Best of luck!

  48. Zak

    We support you and we will be behind you all the way! Shame that your post became such a big deal because of the irresponsibility of people forwarding things without checking them… and beleiving everything that they read on the net.

    I guess it was inevitable that someone reported it as a lot of harsh and foul words came out in the wake of the post, directed to the TNB officials.

    Keep on writing brother!

  49. Yeowai

    ladies and gentlemen,

    lets support Hassan Skodeng, pls spread the words and sign the petition below:


  50. Polex

    Good luck Bro…

    Polex IU11

  51. Kamal

    All The Best, Good Luck!

  52. fireduck

    Good luck, man! I hope the judicial commissioner or judge is learned enough to see the spirit and intention rather than the actual words themselves. You obviously meant it as a parody. How can anyone in their right mind ever read it as otherwise. Got to be a retard for that.

  53. menace

    dude, what they’re doin is utterly ridiculous and m_r_nic (fill in the blanks, they wont be able to catch on anyways)

    hang in there, u have the support of all ur readers, sabarlah in this month of ramadhan
    inallaha maas sobirin

    u’ll prevail, just hang tight and pls do consider suing them back for slander or frivolity or damages or something like that.. this is bull..

    extreme power to you and i hope victory comes soon

  54. huhu.. how did things get as messy as this? I wish you all the luck. I believe you have a lot of supporters here. Take care

  55. wish u a very best of luck….

  56. Some people just can’t differentiate between libel and horsecrap, those who called themselves the ‘authorities’. Supporting you here. You’ll be fine dude! No worries!

  57. rosheen

    I wish you all the best.
    These are sad times indeed.

  58. Jenn

    Hi Mr Irwan, I was wondering if I could chat with you about you current case. I could be reached at 013 216 7448. Many thanks! Jenn

  59. wargabebas

    Ah, don’t worry about it. It’ll come to nothing. They are just trying to scare other bloggers. They would not dare make an example off you. If they did, they will sure fall come next GE.

  60. maddy

    i wish u all the best man. long live “red butt” hassan!!

  61. Zhar

    I’m actually pretty neutral on this.

    One one side, I feel that TNB is not being totally ridiculous. Reason being, if you read that post from this site then you’d know that it was meant to be a joke. But I know hundreds of people who found the article from other sites/source, which did not cite that it was a parody and trust me, A LOT of people actually believed it, (never mind it was absolutely absurd-TNB having the balls to sue WWF) There were so much hatred and anger expressed towards TNB’s CEO and I KINDA felt bad for him (eventhough I found some of the nicknames given to him were hilarious). It also went to the extent that a group of Singaporeans commented on facebook that the Malaysian govt was being stupid for wanting to sue WWF and made fun of us Malaysians! See, you cannot control things on the internet, and for this case, to me it was just done to the wrong person at the wrong place (web)

    On the other side, I feel that the charges are just too much. They shouldn’t be making any money out of this.

    I hope that both parties will get a fair and just ruling/settlement and all turns out well.

    All the best to you and your family.

  62. Shakey

    Hey….this means more publicity for you dude.
    Hope you manage to turn things around.

    Cheers bro

  63. ridzuan

    seriously, tnb has to grow up on this one. i don’t see anyone getting hurt except for a small scratch on their ego.

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  65. ijalgila

    ..hav u checked the news about colbert shows? on comedy central, the baboon wet up to a congressional hearing, and whup a bunch of political smart behinds..if we ever could grow some brain, then that day may come, when we can learn to “laugh” at ourselves, instead of others..

  66. Kamal

    Wow.. your article got nearly 500 Facebook shares here
    No wonder they felt threaten.. Lol.. Some people just cannot take a joke.
    Is there any update on your case?

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