THE TRUTH CHRONICLES: Hassan’s troubles with the law


OK, obviously my name’s not Hassan Skodeng. I won’t reveal my name just yet, coz I don’t think this humour site’s about me. It’s about the jokes. The obviously unreal, completely and honestly fake jokes.

But today, reality caught up with me.

When it was reported in the news that TNB had, indeed, reported ‘that’ blog post to the MCMC, I knew this silly joke had gone out of hand. So I did what any responsible baboon would do — I contacted the MCMC directly to clarify my position. Coz’ the last thing I want is for the authorities to act based on only one side of the story and believe whatever TNB said, without hearing my side.

The MCMC people, honestly, are a good bunch of people (and no, I’m not sucking up to them. My fate is not in their hands, it’s now in the Attorney General’s DPP’s hands). They are (based on my own experience anyways) professional, thorough and polite as ever. They responded with courtesy and dignity, and expressed their desire to settle this case as soon as possible. But since someone had filed an official report, a complaint against this blog, they have no choice but to act.

So I spent about 3 hours giving my statement to MCMC in Cyberjaya this morning, bringing everything from my blog stats (to show them when the post was up, and when I deleted it) to all sorts of printouts, and explained the satirical nature of the blog. I told them that I was in fact pissed off that a stupid joke that does no one harm (other than some bruised egos, I guess) became something so big. I said that I wish they didn’t have to pursue this case, seeing how there are SO many other more important cases to work on (those guys are overworked, really. On average, an enforcement officer has 20 cases to work on at any one time!).

Anyway, after the interview, I read my statement, signed it (I believe that in Law, the truth is the ultimate defence). The officers then followed me to my office in PJ to ‘sita’ the CPU of the PC on which I wrote the ‘offending’ story. Police warrant in hand, they took pictures of the PC CPU (even the network cable — apparently it’s necessary as evidence), took snapshots of the blog, wrote stuff and bundled the CPU away (until their forensics lab are done with it).

BUt again, these officers were a polite and respectful bunch, and I understand their position. They have their orders, and were just menjalankan tugas. Kudos to them. And I apologise to them for wasting their time and energy.

My case is now up to the investigating officers’ recommendations, and the AG’s DPP’s definition. It’s filed under section 233 of the Multimedia Act (writing/spreading imappropriate material with the intent to hurt — or something like that, only in BM). I’m hoping that everybody chills and look at this for what it truly is — a silly joke. Parody. Heck, even the PM’s been parodied so many times in blogs and cartoons, and he’s cool about it. Maybe TNB’s a wee bit too serious about themselves, yes? I mean, is Earth Hour part of their national KPI or something? Did they lose money from my fake blogpost, which was erroneously lifted off and reposted elesewhere as ‘actual news’? I don’t know. Ain’t a lawyer. Just a red-arsed baboon.

So that’s it. I think I’ll take a break from writing crap for a while. This fake blog was created as a stress relief. I like writing jokes, and I enjoy making people laugh and destress. God knows the world is serious enough.

SO people, keep laughing. Keep smiling. I’ll write again if I get inspired and feel less disheartened by this whole surreal episode.

Till then, PEACE OUT! =)

Hassan Skodeng

NOTE: I would encourage anyone who had taken my posting on Earth Hour (before it was deleted) and copied it on their own sites, t0 delete it, or at least take it out of public view. The case is now ongoing — and although it has nothing to do with any other site, I wouldn’t want anyone else to be involved now, would I?

The Cyberjaya folks are watching…


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65 responses to “THE TRUTH CHRONICLES: Hassan’s troubles with the law

  1. Sharlini

    Enjoy the break, Hassan! And I hope all will be resolved with plenty of smiles and red asses. =)

  2. Am gonna miss your writings dude! Chins up.

  3. azmi

    If a public blog is too much hassle, maybe should have it just for subscribers

  4. C++

    Hassan the 6 years old baboon. Are you going to regroup with your lost family in the jungle of Amazon?

    I hope that your regroup will be some sort of relief to you.

    By the way… In 1Malaysia, they don’t know how to treat a joke… what a lame… hahahaha

    See your jokes in the future … TAT TA

  5. Hassan, have a good time out then..will watch out for ur comeback.. 🙂

  6. Tinkerbell

    Really sorry you have to go through all these. Maybe they don’t have an actual word that describes ‘parody’ in BM… so it’s hard for them to understand the concept.

  7. Melissa

    Oh no….. Damn, I had a feeling this would happen, with TNB deciding “action” was needed to teach you a lesson. Such a pity. I do understand your frustration & that this isn’t exactly the fun, lighthearted satire you set out to do, but I really hope you can look at this horrible episode as, well, INSPIRATION! Cuz, truly, you have a strong fan base & this TNB nonsense would likely have brought you more fans, so there’s many of us who will now have less entertainment in our lives 😦

    Haha, selfish reasoning on my part, I know, but it’s true! In a political landscape that’s continually self-destructing & becoming more uncultured each minute, we need to learn to laugh again, even if its just at ourselves! Seriously, babboon or human, you are excellent at doing what you do, so I just wanna put my 2 cents in, asking you to reconsider this leave of absence. But of course, I fully respect your right to do so (No, don’t do it!!) But really, I do 🙂 All the best, furry friend.

    p/s: I’d totally boycott TNB now if I had an alternative energy source but sorry la, tak leh…. In spirit, though! :p

  8. Oh no…when will u be back then? I really love every piece of crap you wrote there. It’s really funny! 😥

    Feels really sad that you’ll go hibernating…

  9. Is this for real … really?!
    TNB would get worse PR from this.

  10. eG

    WEH are u sure this post is even real LOLOL

  11. OMG, that is so blardy lame for TNB to do something like that. Maybe they don’t see humor in it, or rather they don’t really understand English to know what you’re writing is parody.

    Given the nature of your blog, lotsa people would know how’s it written. But perhaps not everyone nowadays read the fine lines.

    Btw, love reading your blog. Don’t get so worked up.

  12. All the best, Hassan. Am a fan and always will be.

  13. EVo

    Such a thing wouldn’t have happened elsewhere. Why did it happen here? Why can people can believe that TNB can actually ‘sue’ WWF? Because our ministers and political leaders HAVE in the past and ARE actually capable of producing such ridiculous statements.

  14. drafunt

    Is this a joke or are you really taking a break?
    Anyway this will be a good reminder to other similar blogs that it is okay to joke and make fun of others from another country, BUT WE 1Malaysians are very timid and sensitive people ….so don’t joke joke ok.

  15. Seems like some people don’t know the difference between satire/fake-news and real news. Oh well. Stay safe, my good man, and may you continue to write funny stories some time in the future.

  16. michelle


  17. Rossi

    Don’t let it get to you. Like others , I too am delighted to read your fabricated stories.

    But we live in an age where people are shortsighted enough to not able to distinguish crap from fact.

    Go take a rest. And comeback stronger to write more parodies!!

  18. awww, gonna miss your posts =(

  19. Hassan..I am a fan of your work since I read about your post about a tribe in Africa want to sue Malaysian Government for not using their mother tongue as medium to teach science and math.

    Only people with IQ less then 15 will believe that it (TNB to sue WWF) is true. Sadly, this nation is full of them(and they know how to use the Internet…). And sadly, TNB didn’t take that as a joke.

    Don’t be demotivated. Don’t stop writing.


  20. Caekay Lee

    Aw…. man! Laughter is the best medicine (except for sorethroat and heart disease) and those guys are taking that from us!

    Anyway, I strongly believe you have the talent all bloody politician envy for~ everybody believe your lies and not truth ^^ Perhaps you should try politics?! Heh heh!

    Or if you are ambitious enough, why not migrate to US and try to shoot as President? I know, only American-born citizen, you need to work a lot more harder with more articles. If you successly become the president, imagine all the RED buttons you can push, isn’t that great?!

  21. t.haw

    gonna miss your red arse. enjoy your break (:

  22. Zak

    Chin up Hassan. Like you mention the, powers that be had to take action as it is their job. But do know that you have my support and a lot of other it seems.

    As for TNB, heck, who knows what their story is. Can’t blame them. If young urban netizens were fooled by it, then the likely-hood of someone at TNB having the same mental capacity is not a far fetched idea.

    What we should all learn from this is tolerance and acceptance. And a pitty too that some see this as the governement’s fault again! (it seems everything is). Start looking at ourselves and make the best of what we have. Perhaps you might want to write a memoir during your hiatus? 😉

    Peace out marcupial brother!

  23. Winz


    Those Board members at TNB are real idiots! They must have waste for brains… what a bunch of morons!

    Don’t they have better things to do… The AG better not be like the bunch of stupids at TNB!

    This irks me so much…

    Hassan, pls come back soon!!!

  24. Dylan

    Mr Skodeng,

    I hope this doesn’t mean the end of nose4news or I’ll be very pissed off at TNB for cutting off my weekly dose of funny. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I wuv you, you red-arsed baboon you.

  25. Dumbass

    I have a feeling TNB is not the only party to have brought this on our beloved red assed blogger. I think its the people who read the post and totally took it out of context. Mass forwarding and basically shitting on TNB to make them look bad. I guess TNB has to take action to defend themselves but they didnt know who to blame. So out of convenience they just blame the person who wrote the post, Mr. Skodeng. My two cents.

    • tenk

      what are u?one of TNB board members?this is all stupid. i cannot believe i was born in such country. these people have no brains at all. sight*

      • Dumbass

        Are you really that dumb to have to ask that question? If im one of the TNB board members, why the f**k would i support hassan? Im just saying its stupid people like you that cause hassan all this problem. STOP F**KIN QUOTING HASSAN’S POSTS AS REAL NEWS. WOW HASSAN WROTE BOUT TNB!! IT MUST BE REAL!! GOD, THE STUPIDITY!!

  26. pauline

    KENOT BELIEVE THIS. The stupidity of those who lodged the complain is beyond comprehension. ANY baboon (and indeed, they have) can see its a JOKE. A FARCE. A PARODY. Makes me ashamed to be Malaysian, fml!

  27. Michelle

    Disappointed. 😦 But I hope the break brings more news, more parodies and better jokes. Will keep checking back in the hope that my source of faith and laughter comes back once more. 🙂

  28. BigBro

    Sorry Hassan, you’ve been “out-babbooned”. TNB folks have proven themselves to be more RED-ARSED babboon than you….
    Go have your break, and come back with glowing red-arse vengeance ;-D
    p.s. Time to break out my solar panels and wind turbines….

  29. tachimurakiyuri

    Awww, don’t delete the post…

    Actually, i came across this blog because of the “TNB” stuff, when my friend posted the link for me, and i read halfway, then repost it to somewhere else, telling people the news

    Until someone told me nose4news is a satirical website, and after I finish reading the post, I literally banged myself towards the wall from being not reading the whole post, and too emotional ridden to rationally read the whole post and laughed…

    Since that, I read some of the old post, it’s a ROFL experience for me…

    Keep it up…that TNB post is good :)….those people that realized that they are fooled should bang themselves towards the wall and not blaming the blogger…

    • Dumbass

      See this is the reason that got Mr. Skodeng into trouble. People who didnt understand the nature of Mr. Skodeng’s work and took it upon themselves to pass his satirical news as real news amongst the general public thus causing mass flames against TNB. You sir/madam should be ashamed of your stupidity and ignorance.

    • tenk

      what a moron u are. people like u is the worse of all kind.

      • Sarah

        Tenk, you’re extremely rude and offensive. Everyone is allowed to express their opinions (and I happen to agree with ‘dumbass’), but please do so in a polite, courteous manner. Don’t slander people you don’t even know.

      • Dumbass

        And its people like you that continue to serve me fries and coke. So… Good job!! Keep it up!! I might tip you next time.

  30. aww. I just found this blog, too. Too bad so sad.

  31. HT

    Dude, i really enjoy reading all crap writings of yours at this site. Do not let all these take you down. Looking forward the next good post from you.

  32. whiningcitizen

    Damn those idiot. Here goes my daily dose of stress release.
    I guess the next round I am in Kedai TnB is to laugh at their low IQ ass. Probably ask them to repeat what I said in case they can’t comprehend it.
    In any chance I bump into the CEO or Chairman in those charity dinner, I promise I will walk into him and laugh at him personally.
    Cheers mate. Come back soonest. The earth gonna stop without laugh.

  33. rockrabakmaut

    i will sue you for not writing ! 😦

  34. SJ

    A real bummer this. You know, this if anything should hopefully teach those that just copy and paste things on their sites etc to do so responsibly. I mean..well, the reality of certain things does seem unreal at times so when taken out of context, what’s a person who has no idea of the actual context of the blog supposed to think…if you get what I mean.

    Hope it gets resolved soon and those involved in handling this case actually understands what satire / parody is.

  35. Masa

    Sheeeeet, man. No electricity for you for life!

    Anyhoo, I hope this hiatus of yours won’t be a long one. With all those rubbish lifestyle/political blogs out there that take themselves waaaay to seriously, yours has been a breath of fresh air.

    Don’t fret over this whole silly thing, yeah? You can’t be held responsible for other people’s lack in humour/brainpower.

  36. When I read the article, I immediately knew that it was written tongue-in-cheek, unfortunately there were quite a number of readers out there who thought it was the real deal. Even my colleagues thought it was for real and started forwarding the article together with their own comments about it. So, since 50% of Malaysians can’t tell the difference between reality and fiction, what was meant to be a humorous piece became in true Malaysian style, a ‘real’ story. Haven’t we learnt from all those rumour emails and smses that we are fond of sending that we should always check the accuracy of a news before forwarding it to someone?

  37. gila

    have faith that they who do their works are just and intelligent folks, and pity those people who are not, and neither blessed with the joy of laugh and humor (so sad). i dont know if MMC reveals the actual complaint, or reveals who complained about it, which they should, but maybe would not (to protect the accuser, or their lack of understanding humor, or what ever). i am no lawyer, but i think MMC is acting fair enough filing your case in that clause, so they need to prove malicious intent. i dont know if the law is in bahasa or english, or they treat the article differently in bahasa or english, coz i think different language have different souls and culture, and different reasons and different ways..

  38. halfey

    haiya kawan. Lu sulah mau lilek arr? Manyak sayang oo…

    For me I’d blame those who take your jokes seriously that make things out of control. It’s a shame to know that there are many stupid Bolehlanders out there who think they’re smart when in fact they’re stupid. Hassan, please don’t stop or at least don’t make yourself absent for too long. As your loyal follower, I could not afford to miss your ‘news’.

  39. Zak

    People who complain and bad mouth TNB should look at themselves too. Hassan did say he wrote to TNB and apologised, and I dont think anything happened immidiately after that. Its kinda lame that a lot of people are just into blaming somebody for something, but not themselves. It seems to be a culture of convenience that we have nowadays.

    Think of it. I am TNB. I am a company that provides power to the whole country. This post comes up, and everyone bad mouths me and calls me harsh names. The post is reposted and more negative and harsh comments come up! It’s ruining my image. So how? Report it to the MMC. And what can the MMC do? Go after everyone of you? No, then you’ll say MMC are the nazis-lah, the idiots-lah, the this lah the that lah. So naturally they had to go to Hassan. The original post! And you cant blame them as they are doing thier job as hassan so rightly points out.

    So for the angry anti-this and anti-that people, look at yourselves. We’re too angry and we’re too quick to jump to conclusions. The whole point of Hassan’s posts were to make people laugh and look on the brighter side of life.

    • iz

      I totally agree. if these idiots who’d read the post and understood it for the satire it was hadn’t caused such a ruckus, TNB wouldn’t have given 5sen thought about it. Shame on you copy-paste-without-reading-and-understanding-bloggers-with-no-sense-of-humour!!

    • meh, if I’m TNB I won’t do those things to Hassan. Why? Well, even if people badmouthing me because of that article it won’t affect my business no matter how bad my image/reputation is; I mean there’s no rival for me in the country for I am the sole energy (electricity) provider in Bolehland (except for Sabah & Sarawak of course) so I won’t lose the market to a rivaling companies.

  40. The sad truth is, our society has yet to mature and accept this form of entertainment. I made a newsletter in my public uni once, called the Eccentric Journal. Similar style as this and the Onion News; – not all could swallow it. Anyway guys, just a form of entertainment –

    Please God, I don’t want to be sued by these media people 🙂

  41. MushPop

    When I first read ur spoof article on TNB suing WWF, I knew that was hilarious especially ending it with Centurion tagline Power Extreme. I don’t know what had cause TNB to pursue lawsuit against ur article…did they lose anything? or the TNB staffs are all big-headed one? Does our Manglish sounds so serious when these Malaysians don’t know to differentiate it jokes or truth.

    They should look at the nature of your blog before pursuing stupid lawsuit…pfft…close-minded TNB corporate execs! So ridiculous

  42. Swee

    At first, I didn’t know whether to believe this post. But I could sense your honesty in this one. *dammit* I love reading your sarcastic jokes! It really is a shame that you’re experiencing this nonsensical waste of time from TNB. Now I have a bad image of them being too close-minded and can’t take a joke. Lighten up man! *pun intended* Heck, like what you said, even PM’s don’t take their parodies on the web that seriously…O.o Let our favourite baboon go! pls?

  43. I got this via email too. Damn!

  44. Name (required)

    aww cmon. a baboon shouldnt get discouraged that easily. an ass gotta to do what an ass gotta do! ❤

  45. eh awat dah sengap babun nih haritu rajin post. jangan la macam nih..tak stim laa… wuwuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  46. Aik? I didn’t manage to read the TNB post since I’ve been lessening my online activities these couple of months or so, but I read my RSS subscription. Shoot, I knew I should have subscribed to your blog!

    Take care.

  47. Maddy

    that TNB jokes? man, that was the best u ever write!

    now what am i suppose to do online without nose4news? stalking chick??!!!! wait, that seems like a good idea. oh well..

  48. i love butthurt

    u’re a legend mang~

  49. new fan

    A friend just intro me your website about an hour ago. I didn’t know Malaysia got it’s own version of the Onion! I’ve been reading your posts nonstop and laughing my ass off..

    You sir are a gentleman and a scholar! For gods sake dude don’t let this get you down..Malaysia needs a dose of sense of humour.. keep on writing, please!

  50. proth

    hey why not we have a group on facebook to try and bring back our humorous blogger? and at the same time promote this blog? (:

  51. jae

    Perhaps Mr Skodeng and the rest of us can we sue TNB for forcing us to take part in Earth Hour outside of the designated day in March.

  52. safia

    Can I put advertisement on your page? It’s going to get a big hits. hahaha. Don’t worry about your case, I believe the judge shall understand what is satire. Our court is not that bad!!

  53. fireduck

    The problem is they can’t differentiate a joke from real news. That’s because they have ill-trained lawyers, board members, senior management, etc., all placed there just because they have stronger cables to pull compared to someone more professionally trained. That’s Malaysia Boleh, guys!

    I can’t believe that the TNB Board of Directors are so poorly advised to go ahead and report to the police on a parody. The baboon with the red ass for a face, has to be the real stupid one.

    Have a good rest, and come back stronger. We need more people like you to help chill us out.

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