Hassan Skodeng goes into hiding

NOTE: The original ‘TNB to sue WWF over Earth Hour’ has been taken offline indefinitely, as the author feels the reaction to joke has gone out of control. Maybe he was mistaken in thinking that Malaysians can take his brand of humour. Perhaps he is a yellow-bellied baboon for crumbling to the pressure. Whatever it was, he’s got thousands of people mad for no good reason, and he’s a pretty peace-loving guy. So everyone, chill. It was a lesson for all of us. For the author, to be less liberal in writing. To the readers, to check your facts before believing anything.


KUALA LUMPUR — The editor of fake news website Nose4news, has gone into hiding after getting into trouble with giant power company Tenaga Nasional Berhad. Hassan earned not only the wrath of the TNB management, but also many Malaysians, for writing a parody about how the energy provider was going to sue WWF over Earth Hour, and making it sound too real.

His article, published on Thursday, had unexpectedly made its way to the top of Malaysian cyber consciousness after being picked up by thousands of readers who somehow did not notice the numerous qualifiers littering the site saying that everything written there were fake parodies, got upset, and reacted angrily by reposting and retweeting to others.

Hassan, a 6-year-old babboon known for his blabbermouth and stunningly red and bulbuous arse, was believed to have panicked and fled his Bukit Antarabangsa home after commenters said that the power company’s mighty legal team was coming after that said-arse.

Checks at the Nose4news editorial office somewhere in the surrounding forest reserve also revealed that Hassan and his less-than-hygienic team of lying writers, photographers and go-go girls had left in a hurry, with office equipment missing and office supplies strewn all over the place.

A hastily-written note was left on the editor’s table saying, “I’m sorry, TNB. Will never make jokes about you or your CEO again. SORREEEEEEEEEE!! XOXO Hassan. PS: I heart you long time.”

Checks with the immigration department has not found any exit records indicating Hassan had left the country. However, authorities believe that he may have slipped out the Raja Petra way and may be languishing pitifully in some London luxury apartment sponsored by some rich guy affiliated to a certain political party.

TNB, meanwhile, when contacted, said that it’s got better things to do than to chase after a dumbass babboon, and that the primate had nothing to fear. However, the spokesperson, who declined to be named, said that if he ever found Hassan Skodeng, he’d like to “strap that sonofabitch to a power coil and turn on the switch”.


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42 responses to “Hassan Skodeng goes into hiding

  1. hassan,

    i just wonder, those people, cant they understand the “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE (NOT IN HERE)” ??? y people refused to understand between jokes n facts when..o yeahh…they choose which n which rite…human…hipocrite.. u should’nt say sorry instead…ur blog obviously started with the motto “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE (NOT IN HERE)” .. So whoever read ur blog should know they’re reading a jokes not “The Star” “NST” online…kambeng lah they..m going back to my planet..this place are full or crap..

  2. hahahahaha….poor baboon!!

  3. davidcaruso_foranemmy

    It’s ok Hassan. For one hour 2nite all lights are supposedly switched off (that Earth Hour, pool wool over your eyes – now ive done my bit for environment crap).
    My place will be the only one with lights on…come I give u sanctuary…and maybe some bananas…

  4. Susie

    I actually can’t help laughing over the fact that many people thought it was true.. I didn’t even have to scroll up to see the banner to know that it’s utter horsecrap.

    POWER… EXTREME!!!!!!!!

    Keep writing!

    • its not about what is true and not , Malaysia is utterly different can’t you see? you can’t make fools of companies or politicians like in USA or other countries. even that TNB guy knew it was a parody, just they would’t allow people to make joke on them 😛


  5. avex

    hiding? mean not real again?

  6. LOL… poor Hassan, I hope you’ll enjoy your life in the luxury apartment somewhere in London… 😀

  7. Zak

    Dear Hassan,

    It is a shame that you have left us. I just found out about your site yesterday, and I was thrilled that someone in Malaysia has a sense of humor like yours. Unfortunately, there are not many people like you. I rolled on the floor laughing when i read people got angry at a satirical news parody. And then i got scared. Scared that they are actually people like that! I guess you and your bulbuous red arse are ahead of your time. The masses are not ready (or just plain dumb and naive) I hope you will emerge from the reserve one day to brighten our days and put a smile on our faces.

    To the general public who got angry, you all should just chill the far cup and laugh. We’re only live once. Stop being so dumb.

    Yours sincerely,


    p/s: If you really are in London, do look up for my pal Marsu Pial. He’ll hook you up.

  8. TorchedWhale:theBaboon'sFriend

    It takes a very smart person to write such articles.Hassan Skodeng,we salute you for your awesome writing skills and out-of-this-world ideas.

  9. Sweez

    OMG, I love these articles!!! Genius. HAHAHAHAHAH, I heart you long time XOXO

  10. HAHA I like your writing. But thanks to the TNB article, you are getting hitsofyourlifetime here :). Keep writing till I burst my appendix.

  11. leeum

    Shame on all of you who got angry and reported to the MCMC or whatever.

    It was a funny article and just because you didn’t get the joke, it doesn’t mean that the article itself needs to be censored. It would appear that some Malaysians suffer the disease of “taking themselves too seriously”.

  12. yzh

    these are news i would love to read everyday!! XD

  13. Reubenhot

    I hope all goes well with you.

    I feel so ashamed to be a Malaysian at this moment. I have Pet Hatred for Ignorant Idiots.

    If YOU(MALAYSIAN II’s) cannot take a joke, go back to your well, Under a coconut Shell and Boil to death !!!

    (Katak Bawah Tempurung, Frog in a well, and Science= that can cook a frog with subtle increment of heat without it realiing it)

  14. izcuje

    three cheers for that “stunningly red and bulbuous arse”!

  15. Lufkin


    why delete the ‘TNB to sue WWF over Earth Hour’ entry?? that is a legend!

    dude! you are a legend!!

  16. wth?

    Noooo…… Come back!

  17. damn I missed the “TNB to sue WWF over Earth Hour” article so much (although I just read it a couple of days ago LOL). Uh! It’s embarrassing to see there are too many stupid people overreacting to your craps and it’s even more embarrassing to know that those stupid people are my fellow Malaysian. Maybe Nostradamus has foreseen this kind of reaction in the past that he predicted that those overreacting people will lead to the destruction of the world in 2012.

  18. so, new blog post tomorrow? 😀

  19. ryh

    this really shows how narrow minded malaysians are. It seems like they catch whatever shit beeing thrown at them, then eat it raw. i was astonished seeing how many people actually believe the article.

  20. During that time, I was writing news about the participated companies including TNB, Petronas, KL Sentral and many more, at the same time I saw on twitter about the TNB post, and I laughed like hell. It even tickled me more when my editor passed me the press release by TNB denying that they were going to sue WWF 😀 nowadays, information travels faster.


  21. I had friends who took what you wrote for real and asked me if it was real. I did not manage to read your blog so I wasn’t convinced as them, but still, I told them TNB will not have a case even if that should happen. And if it was real, it was a stupid court case anyway 😛

    Anyway, I must applaud your creativity and I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been pressured to self-censor. It’s your blog, they’re your thoughts, and it’s a free internet world. Yet, they had the right to barge into your home and ask you to burn all your belongings because they’re not buatan Malaysia. Aish.

    Hey but at least you proved one thing. Creativity can be very viral 😉 If only brands had more courage… Aish aish.

  22. I love your sense of humor =)

  23. Anonymous

    Don’t go into hiding! We need you! And it seems like you really got sued. Ah well. POWERRR… EXTREME!

  24. Melissa

    I’m almost choking on my sandwich. You the MAN!!

    I know you’re enjoying this, as you should, and yes – Keep milking it!! 😉 I think all this “feedback” only makes for great material so pls do keep ’em coming 🙂

    • nose4news

      Thanks for almost choking. Wouldn’t want people to blame me for your demise now, would I.

      Am I enjoying this? Frankly, not quite. I do get thrilled when people get the joke and laugh — coz that’s been my intention all along when I started this Onion-wannabe blog a year ago. A fun stress relief, no more; a joke comes into my head, I write it, in hopes that friends and like-minded folks out there would smile and chuckle a little. I don’t even give a rat’s ass about hits and whatever. Bukan dapat duit pun (I know, I know, theoretically you can, but I don’t ever want to make this a serious thing).

      But when things spiralled out of control, with people spreading the post without qualifying that it’s a parody, getting a whole lot of folks riled up for no good reason, I was saddened, really. Angry commenters were calling each other nasty names, referring to my blog as irresponsible and out to cause havoc, which was far from its purpose (which, in a way had no purpose, except to entertain).

      Perhaps I was naive in thinking that Malaysians in general could ‘get’ my jokes. Perhaps I went too far when I used actual names in my posts (for which, I apologise if I had offended anyone). Perhaps I should have spelled it out on every single post that it’s all not just fiction, but that honestly, they’re all lies.

      Whatever it was, this was a strange lesson in cyberspace publishing. Unintentionally, this post had somehow stripped naked how blogs, twitter, FB and emails are used in Malaysia, how dangerously quick and unreliable information spreads on the WWW, and how easily we’re all swayed by emotions when presented with a story. We react angrily and perpetuate that anger instead of checking the source of the story, or at least respond rationally by authenticating the validity by cross-checking with other, more conventional and credible sources of information. It is no wonder politicians can influence the masses so very easily. While the new media can be a powerful tool to change society and influence policies, it can also be easily manipulated to suit anyone’s selfish needs.

      But at any rate, I’ve learnt my own lessons from this little brouhaha. And I’m also considering whether to continue writing for this blog — it kinda lost its charm after last weekend. 80% of commenters were hateful, spiteful and were looking for blood. Can’t blame them, they were perhaps not furnished the fact that the TNB post wasn’t in fact, a fact, so they flipped as a reaction. Hate breeds more hate. It shot my hit rate, but frankly, I don’t get kicks from a lot of hate.

      Where’s the fun in that?


  25. Ahmad-klntn

    Hi Hassan,

    It really shows how stupid some people are in this country if they can’t tell satire from real news. Your blog is a great one and for the sake of the entertainment of INTELLIGENT Malaysians out there,don’t shut it down! If this was North America or Europe, even Australia, the (free) press would have a field day with the antics of our idiotic politicians(and not just the ones in government either…). You are our Onion, our DeadBrain, and for the sake of everyone out there who prays for some intelligence amongst the rakyat, you are a beacon that shows all is not lost in this country.

  26. Philp

    By making it sound too fake will be no fun anymore. You should have left it there, it was all good fun unless ofcourse the CEO has really threaten you… damn

    It was the pinackle, this blog is good, I loved how it sounded so real, as I laughed at many getting angry with TNB..but why.. its all good fun yes, pity it has been taken the wrong way…

    Let it lie low, don’t stop because ppl are getting too hateful, it was a joke with no intention. I still get kicks reading really.

  27. U r a part of my spiritual… so pls don go into hiding urself.

  28. mikie

    will be supporting your creativity all the way Hassan!

  29. yr post of TNB sue WWF has been taken off?

  30. Winz

    Oh Baboon… the article was da bomb and it was definitely one of the best! I almost fell for it when I didn’t realise that it was on nosefornews and unlike some of those idiots out there who left you angry messages… I have that bit of common sense to double check. I had such a great time sharing the story and wish you had not taken it off.

    To those idiots out there… lighten up… have some common sense and most of all some humour.. might help you lessen your tight a-hole!

  31. Caekay Lee

    Damn! I missed the article while I was occupied! Er…. can you send the article to my email? I’m sure it’ll be sprea…… er….. I mean I’ll keep it to myself, I swear? Heh heh~

    • nose4news

      Heh, sorry dude. While I’d have no problem sharing the joke, I really did purge the thing from my blog. Deleted.

      I think some people must have copied and pasted it somewhere. Try googling and see 🙂

  32. jc

    I have have recently read an interview with Dato’ Sri Tony Fernandes. He is very proud that Air Asia X is the first airline to fly a red-arse baboon from KL to London. Dato’ Tony had met up with his unusual passenger the day before the flight over dinner.

    When asked whether primates are allowed as passengers, he said “This baboon’s intelligence humours me and he has all the travelling documents. So why not?”

    He adds, “And he is now following me on twitter.”


  33. jc

    AirAsia: “Now everyone can fly. Even baboons.”

  34. anton

    Well joke or not, there was a sense of deja vu about the whole thing, especially over here in Sabah when the said ‘protagonist’ of the article is currently embroiled in pushing for Sabah’s first coal fired powerplant against the order of Nature and a large number of Sabahans….. Can you blame certain ppl for getting emotional?? But it was a careless article ….especially if ppl are spreading it with no reference to its original source and its ‘disclaimers’

  35. Michelle

    Please don’t stop writing!!
    This is keeping my faith for Malaysia alive. That someone can actually see what’s real and analyse it for themselves. The more Malaysians are exposed to parody like this, the better. It’s the highlight for my day reading this blog, so keep going! 🙂

  36. Ben Lo

    Hey man, great humorous site!! came to know of it today whilst I was reading The Star Online about your TNB case xD

    My first time here and I immediately noticed that this is a parody site. Totally like your Aedes piece, lol.

    Don’t worry man, these people are just being a pain in the you-know-where. Some people just likes to make it big just so they would go make it into the headlines.

    Hope you’ll continue with your parodies. The disclaimer is a good move. Although it spoils a bit of the fun but at least it keeps your arse safe xD

  37. Dell Adamo

    those who believe you are asswipes. (With all due respect) <—- Im lying 😛

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