H1N1 virus upset Malaysians riled up over other things and not it


KUALA LUMPUR — The Influenza (A) H1N1 virus, who wreaked havoc by causing the Swine Flu pandemic around the world a few months ago, is deeply upset that Malaysians have generally reacted more strongly to other events in the past few weeks as compared to when the disease was at its height.

Speaking at a Press conference inside a human host yesterday, H1N1 said that it felt slighted that Malaysians were so easily rattled and emotionally affected by issues of religion and race, spooked by baseless rumours and hearsay, and were very easily swayed by certain quarters’ political propaganda, while these same people couldn’t care less about their lives when the flu pandemic was ravaging the world, including Malaysia.

“I was killing people, man. Killing,” said H1N1 sadly. “How many fatalities did I clock up in Malaysia, what, almost a hundred? More? Dude, I was evil!

“But were people scared? Did they get panicked and run helter-skelter? Prayed in mass congregations asking God to help alleviate the disaster that was me? No!” shouted H1N1, flustered.

WHAT FLU? While authorities encouraged safety precautions during the swine flu outbreak, some people couldn't care less

“People were dying almost everyday, but I didn’t see everyone donning face masks,” it continued, as it fused itself onto a nearby lung cell and began its degenerative infection. “Sure, there were daily alerts in the papers. Hospitals began scanning people and sticking little red stickers on them to show ‘oh, we’re doing something’. But were people on the streets really scared? Did they change their lifestyles drastically to avert being infected? Hell no.

“I still saw idiots going to movies and smooching at the back of the theatres, breathing the same air some virus carrier might be sneezing out!” said the flu virus, visibly upset as it overwhelmed its host’s defences.

“But what happens when they argue over a word? Boom — churches, suraus and now, even a Sikh temple get vandalised. Hate mails fly around, the net is inundated with outbursts and name-calling. What the fuck?’

H1N1 also added that it is simply mystified by how easy it is for people to believe rumours.

“My previous host got this SMS, advising him to remove all indications of his religious beliefs from his car, be it stickers or religious ornaments, ‘for fear of someone smashing his windows’. And he promptly did.

“Look, I understand if he wanted to play it safe — I always believe it’s better to be safe than sorry — but for crying out loud, he went ahead to stock up on food supplies and bought a mobile generator, fearing an all-out riot on the streets! What a dope.

“He should have checked with the local cops and other authorities for facts instead of easily believing every single rumour he hears. Facts, man. Just the facts.”

H1N1 then offered an advice to Malaysians in general.

“Look, you guys have got to get your priorities right, man,” he said, forlorn. “You get upset and get all drama-queen for something so easily solved by rational discussions. But when it comes to something actually dangerous, you think it won’t happen to you, and you go on with your lives.

“How many of you wear seat belts in the car?” the virus asked, sternly. “Face the facts. Arguments and misunderstandings over words can’t kill you. But I can.

“And I’m far from finished. My friends and I are planning a comeback, so get your tissues and facemasks ready, and get your hospitals to stock up on Tamiflu.



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9 responses to “H1N1 virus upset Malaysians riled up over other things and not it

  1. Al

    bravo, bravo… well written~!

  2. Small Chief

    That is one angry H1N1 virus picture you have there. He should go to some biro pengaduan awam or some telco customer service and do us alllll a favor.

  3. Ibat

    H1N1 . . . could you please fatally infect B1N1? That will get you some real attention you deserve.

  4. H1N1 needs to do some street protests and burn a few clinics to prove a point.

  5. i’m hell agree with u. lot of other things should be thought of rather than doing sumthing u dont really understand what is it for.

  6. The swine flu pandemic is not yet over. There is a 3rd wave which may hit with a vengeance as the virus may have mutated. The present vaccine will be ineffective.

  7. Melissa

    Another big LOL piece ๐Ÿ™‚ It does get a little too focused on putting in info at some places, which makes it a bit “forced”, you know? But overall it’s still hilarious and makes a good point, too ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. SJ

    Good piece …loved the fact that H1N1 sounded very “American-ish”..LOL

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