Bagan Pinang By-election: Resident certain his vote will decide winner

BAGAN PINANG — As the campaigns of both BN candidate Tan Sri Isa Samad and PAS candidate Zulkefly Omar heat up for this weekend’s state seat by-election, local resident Karim Rejab, 31, announced that his vote will be the decider in the race.
“The word on the ground is that it’ll be a very close race,” said Karim matter-of-factly, at a Press conference hastily called at Warung Mak Yah about 2km from town centre. “Yes, Isa’s people might be very confident, what with the constituency being a BN stronghold and his stellar record as Menteri Besar, but the Pakatan people don’t seem to want to make it a walk-over. They’re working very aggressively to win over the fence-sitters. It’s a 50-50 chance, I believe. And my vote will be THE one determining the winner.”

KARIM: Will accept both cash and gifts

KARIM: Will accept both cash and gifts

Karim further added that as of today, his doors will be left open for candidates or their agents to visit and try to win his vote.
“I’m still undecided — hint, hint,” Karim said, winking at the Bernama TV camera. “I know this is the time when politicians from both sides would come promising things and being a little generous with their gifts and ‘sweets’. So, being the guy who’ll be deciding the outcome of this by-election, I’m formally inviting both candidates to convince me to mark their box in my ballot paper.
“I’ve heard of candidates giving bateks, bicycles and even TVs to win votes… I’m open to all that. But I prefer cash, it leaves me the option of getting whatever I need, like ciggies and stuff.”
Asked if he would provide a bank account number to facilitate easy payment of ‘gifts’, Karim said that he does not have one.
“I’ve never had the need to open an account,” said the jobless bachelor, who lives with his mother. “I occasionally help my mother out at her banana fritter stall, lifting bananas or bags of flour, whenever I need money. She gives me cash, so there’s never been a need to go through the banks. It’s such a hassle.
“Besides, they tell me that I can’t open a savings account with only RM5. But I expect that to change since I’ll be getting a lot more cash from the candidates,” said Karin, gleefully. “I’ve got my eye on the new Modenas. It’s such a chick magnet.”
Asked if he knew where he’d be casting his vote, Karim said no, and that he’ll ask around later. When told that he could check his registration details on the Election Commission website, he paused.
“We have to register?”


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3 responses to “Bagan Pinang By-election: Resident certain his vote will decide winner

  1. Gabey

    Wohoo! Nose4News lives!!

  2. ya allah! wink wink at Bernama tv. waahahahahahaha

  3. luna

    wowo…. o men get a real life n ur going to jail for the gift… corruption..asking the candidates for bribing…. walauwei…

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