Batman and John Connor may be same guy





The build, gaze and intensity were similar. The voice was familiar, somewhat. But the pout was unmistakable.

For years, many have felt a certain tingling of déjà vu when they came across Batman, the ‘dark knight’ of Gotham City, and John Connor, saviour of the human race in the future-world fight against the machines, the Terminators. People were suspicious, but no one could ever prove the possibility — that the two heroes are one and the same!

In this explosive report, an expert gives the evidences that ask, ‘Is the saviour of Gotham and the future the same person?…’


GOTHAM CITY & FUTURE EARTH — Batman may be a superhero, a mortal man projecting an immortal and fearsome image in his fight against the scum in a sick metropolis. He may be some dark angel bringing salvation to the weak and the wronged. But, any psychologist would tell you, he is also a man leading a double life.

Now, an expert says that he seems to be a man who leads a triple life.

For he is Batman, the caped crusader, the dark knight. He is also an ordinary man with no superheroic powers. He is, so far, nameless (there had been allegations that he is Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy and philantropist, but this, we believe is utter rubbish due to the lack of any similar traits and physical resemblence). Recently, some quarters seem to have presented ‘irrefutable evidence’ that say he is also John Connor, the future messiah who would lead a human uprising against the self-aware AI Skynet and its band of terminator machines. An expert gives his take.

Physical similarities

Batman and John Connor (file pictures)

Batman and John Connor (file pictures)

“The most stark similarity would be the angry scowl, resulting in the perpetual frown accentuated in the area between the eyebrows,” said Prof. Edward Langley, chief face recognition expert at PKF Technologies, the supplier of automated face recognition systems for security purposes at the last Olympics. “The lines pronounced in the bottom half of Batman’s forehead is also visible on John Connor’s forehead. It’s unmistakable.”

As these two file photos above show, even at first glance, the similarities begin to emerge.

The similarity does not end there. “If one studies Batman’s nose structure, he would find that the size, angle, elevation and how the groove blends effortlessly into the slightly-protruding top lip that makes the caped crusader’s mouth seem pouty, also very much evident in John Connor’s face,” said Prof Langley, who also runs a private investigations agency. “And that’s not even going into his cold, steely gaze yet.

“Absolutely similar. I’ll bet my bottom dollar that they’re the same guy. John Connor moonlights as a caped crusader, or vise versa.”

“Adding to the physical similarities would be the dark knight’s throaty, but whispery voice… almost a hissy but scary tone,” added Langley. “John Connor displayed — or will display, since he’s a man from a distant future — the same voice while battling the T-1000 cybernetic killers. They — no, he — couldn’t mask that.”


Professor Langley said that while it seems improbable that a crime fighter from the Gotham City of the present day could also be kicking robot butt two decades in the future without looking a day older, the technology exists.

“I won’t pretend to know what or where the technology could be,” said Langley. “But there have been a few cases of inter-era or inter-reality travel before. How else could you explain the white wizard Gandalf frolicking in a maroon helmet fighting the X-Men? It’s the same case of same-guy, different roles. It’s mind-blowing.

“But looking at it logically, it’s already easy to deduce that it’s the same fellow suiting up in a bat costume, and crushing terminator skulls. You never see them together. No alibi. Now that, people, is proof enough.”


“Frankly I don’t know. Only psychologists would be able to explain why a hero from one era would want to travel to another to again, save humanity,” said Langley. “Maybe Batman/Connor feels like the responsibility to save the world and be a hero is his solely.

“Maybe he’s just an action junkie. Who knows.”


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5 responses to “Batman and John Connor may be same guy

  1. there’s such a skilled delivery of lines in both cases that it’s hard to tell

  2. maddy

    whatta..? all this time i thought batman was bruce lee? no wait, that was ‘the green hornet’ was it?

  3. lex

    isn’t batman the insomniac anorexic machinist?

  4. jim morrison 'wanabe'

    Well, show me the way
    To the next whisky bar
    Oh, don’t ask why
    Oh, don’t ask why….

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