Pak Lah to spend post-PM days as Care Bear

KUALA LUMPUR — In an annoucement that observers say was a ‘natural progression’, outgoing Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi said that he will be spending his retirement days as one of the Care Bears. The politician, known for his benevolent and soft-spoken ways, had always advocated for a more caring and inclusive society, and said that he would continue his fight for ‘love, peace and harmony’ in his new role, ‘Dollah Bear’.

Dollah Bear

Dollah Bear

Speaking at a Press conference at the Prime Minister’s Department this afternoon, Abdullah said that although his tenure as Malaysia’s 5th Prime Minister was ending, his responsibility to spread tolerance, understanding and spirit of caring for each other was for life.

“I had searched long and hard for a way for me to continue contributing towards making the country — and the world — a better place for future generations even after I leave office,” said Abdullah, beaming with enthusiasm. “The Care Bears are the symbol of all the virtues I firmly hold on to. So it was only natural that, with my innate ability to spread love, care and joy, I transcend into one.”

Dollah Bear, or more lovingly referred to as ‘PakLah Bear’, would be an absolutely huggable and lovable pink-furred Care Bear, with the much-loved, heart-shaped Jalur Gemilang prominently displayed on his belly, a uniquely Care Bear feature known as the ‘tummy symbol’, or ‘belly bagde’. Dollah Bear would join tens of others who inhabit the Kingdom of Caring, which is made up of Care-a-Lot (the home of the Care Bears proper) and the Forest of Feelings (home to the Care Bear Cousins).

The Care Bears, originally created by company American Greetings for its line of greeting cards, and later produced as stuffed toys and finally as characters for the television series, have been on their Mission of Caring for the last 20 years, and openly welcome Dollah Bear into their fold.

Dollah Bear (front row, 2nd from left) taking his place among the much-loved Care Bears

Dollah Bear (front row, 2nd from left) taking his place among the much-loved Care Bears

“Prime Minister Abdullah has always shone with feelings of joy and care, and so it is our pleasure to have him in our Team of Care!” said Tender Bear, leader of the pack who were all present at the conference. “It’s not everyday that we have statesmen joining our cause, so his decision to embark on his post-politics days as a Care Bear is entirely our honour.”

“Woo-Hoo!” said Cheer Bear, happily. “It’s always great to have new faces in the gang. There’s so much love to go around, and we could always use more care-firepower.”

Bedtime Bear added, “I’m absolutely delighted to have Dollah Bear with us. Somehow, I feel a certain connection with the Prime Minister, a kindred spirit of some sort.

“We had a vote earlier on where Dollah Bear would be sleeping in the Care-a-Lot castle, and guess what — he’ll be bunking beside me!” said Bedtime happily, in between his adorable yawns.

Grumpy Bear, in spite of his unfortunate grumpy demeanour, said that he was ‘not displeased’ with the new addition.

“We’ll see whether he can really help our cause. The last thing we need is a bear who just sleeps on the job. Here, everyone works hard to be a Care Bear. I hope he’s up to it.”

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