Man wins giant supercar

Nasarudin receiving the giant car key

Nasarudin receiving the giant car key

KUALA LUMPUR — When En. Nasarudin Yahya answered the phone that Saturday afternoon, he thought it was just another telemarketer trying to sell something he didn’t need.

What he didn’t realise was that it was a call that has changed his life.

On the other side of the line was a representative of Peugeot Malaysia, informing him that he was the winner of the “Peugeot Big Surprise Contest 2009”. And what a big surprise it was — when Nasarudin went to claim his prize, he found out that he was now the proud owner of a 100-foot-long Peugeot supercar!

Recalling the moment he first laid eyes on his new ride, Nasarudin said, “Man, I was stunned. I mean, really stunned.

“There before me, was a gigantic Peugeot RC, a beauty that could not have been created by man. Something this gorgeous could have only come from the skies. I had a good feeling entering the contest was a good idea.”

The father of two wasn’t aware what he was getting at first. Datuk Aziz Seman, chairman of Peugeot Malaysia, had decided to ‘keep the element of surprise till the very last moment’ when he handed the car’s metre-long key to Nasarudin.

“When they gave me the giant key on the stage, I thought that it was just another one of those replica keys — you know, for show’s sake,” said Nasarudin. “But when they asked me to go out to the parking lot at the back, I knew there was something more.

En Nasarudin's new Peugeot RC

En Nasarudin's new Peugeot RC

“I thought, ‘Oh. My. God.’ I had always dreamed that one day, I’d be able to get myself a big car, like my rich friends. And now, look at me,” he said, wiping tears from his cheeks. “I own the biggest freaking automobile in the whole neighbourhood! Take that, guys!”

Climbing inside the black beauty, which stands over 30 feet tall, Nasarudin said that he’d probably have to take it easy the first few drives. “I know there’s so much raw power under that hood, and I wouldn’t want to push it until I know I can control it. So, I’ll take my time getting to know all these dials and buttons,” said Nasarudin, struggling to reach the indicator and light stalk located on the left of the steering wheel the size of a normal car.

Datuk Aziz meanwhile, said that he was happy to give the super-sized car away, and was even more glad to see the winner basking in the glory.

“We at Peugeot strive to give the most satisfaction to our customers, and seeing En Nasarudin’s expression when he first saw the supercar was priceless,” he said. “We are more than happy to see it go to an appreciative driver.

“We’re also ecstatic to have a big chunk of our parking space back.”

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