Proton unveils cheap-ass variant of Exora

Customers admiring the Exora C variant

Customers admiring the Exora C variant

KUALA LUMPUR — Amid an excited Malaysian public, Proton today launched the first of three variants of its latest model, the MPV Exora.

The ‘C’ variant (for Cheap) comes without the frills traditionally included by car companies, like engine, transmission, seats, doors, windows and steering wheel. (The other two variants, “Premium” and “Standard”, will be launched next month)

Proton managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abdin Tahir said that the MPV was designed for families which were conscious about doing things economically. “While the other two variants, with the usual package that includes items some see as ‘basic’ would be sold at around RM80,000, the ‘C’ variant is sold at below RM5,000.

“This way, we’re appealing to the segments which traditionally would not have considered buying a car, let alone an MPV. We’ve made it possible for everyone to own a family car.”

Acknowledging that an engine would have made the ‘C’ variant a more complete vehicle, Syed Zainal said that there were many shops which sold new or reconditioned engines around the country. “We’re giving Malaysians the choice to choose the type, brand, and capacity of engines they want. They’re free to even choose what kind of transmission, suspension, and pretty much anything else, they want for their car.”
Syed Zainal pointed out that even without the ‘optional’ extra safety items like airbags, seat belts and bumbers, the Exora ‘C’ variant is a very safe vehicle.

“It’s gone through the same safety tests as the other variants and came out smelling like roses. While we do recommend using safety helmets if driving the vehicle at its most basic form, we stand by our promise that it’s safe.”

Syed Zainal added that the first 200 customers who register their ‘C’ variant Exora would stand to win an Astro satellite dish worth RM30 (decoder, cables, remote and account not included).


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3 responses to “Proton unveils cheap-ass variant of Exora

  1. vanillacOla

    hahhahahha…. reminds me of the flintstones car!

  2. raewo

    this is hilarious ….. i only get to know of you when your court case come to light …. how is it even possible that they are charging you …. hope you win

  3. ameen

    still can’t believe i just discovered your site. After all these years…

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