Man dies from proverbial backstab wound

The victim lying in a pool of imaginary blood

The victim lying in a pool of imaginary blood

KUALA LUMPUR — A man died from an apparent proverbial backstab wound in his Damansara Logistics firm office yesterday. Marketing manager Anthony Cheah, 32, was found dead at his office corridor by a colleague upon returning from lunch.

“I just stepped in at about 2 o’clock and was walking to my cubicle when I felt like stepped on something squishy,” said Janet Lim, 25, the GM’s personal secretary. “At first I thought the cleaning lady had missed a spot when she was doing the floor this morning, but when I looked down — I felt like vomiting.”

She continued, “Fortunately I didn’t.”

Miss Lim said that she and several other colleagues then checked for Mr Cheah’s pulse and found none.

Police arrived and secured the area later. Initial assessment indicated a large, imaginary stab wound in the victim’s back.

Investigating Officer ASP Bahari Ali said that this case will be classified under Section 15(B) of the Proverbial Murder Act 1974. “So far, we can only deduce that the victim succumbed to his large and deep gash on his back, but we won’t arrive to a confirmed cause of death until we’ve completed the post mortem.

“Based on the imaginary blood splatter on the cubicle walls, and the lack of imaginary physical injuries on other parts of the body, I’d say he was ambushed.

“He didn’t know what hit him.”

ASP Bahari refused to divulge any information pertaining to suspects, but said that he would be talking to those in the company who had direct dealings with him.

A co-worker, who declined to be named, said that she suspects some individuals in Mr Cheah’s marketing department. “Ever since he’s been bringing in many more clients last month, I noticed that the other marketing managers were isolating him,” she said. “Appraisals will be done in a couple of months, and his achievements would have made them look bad. I didn’t think anyone would resort to this. It’s horrible.”

ASP Bahari admitted that getting the proverbial murderer would prove difficult, in the absence of an actual murder weapon. “Proverbial backstabbers have the luxury of killing their victims with just malicious rumours, bad-mouthing and shifting blames. So by the time the victim dies, the trace vanishes,” he said.

“However, we’re certain we’ll get the culprit. We’ve investigated enough office politics to be able to sift through the crap to find the black-hearted bastard. We’ll get him.”

Mr Cheah leaves behind a wife and two young children.

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